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GG Lemon Feminized

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GG Lemon Feminized is the hybrid lovechild of two infamous, award-winning strains - Cannabis Cup winners, GG and Lemon Haze. By combining the sleepy high of the former with the lively Sativa kick of the latter, this strain boasts crazy...

A Sativa of Sticky-Sour Sensation and Sedation


Bud Basics

If her bright green buds and abundant sticky resin weren’t warning enough, let us tell you - this is one punch-packing, potent, psychoactive plant.


GG Lemon Feminized is the hybrid lovechild of two infamous, award-winning strains - Cannabis Cup winners, GG and Lemon Haze. By combining the sleepy high of the former with the lively Sativa kick of the latter, this strain boasts crazy levels of THC (around 27%) with mouthwatering citrus flavors to produce a cannabis strain that’s beyond comparison.


Think freshly squeezed lemons and smooth earthy smoke, and you’ll have a good idea of the taste and scent of this potent beauty. As refreshing in flavor as she is invigorating - you’ll struggle to resist coming back for more.


Absolutely oozing with sticky resin, it’s not hard to see why Gorilla G Lemon’s high is so prized amongst the cannabis community, known for the rollercoaster of euphoria she takes you on, pulling you up and up until you crash down into a calm relaxation that eases the mind and the muscles into inevitable couchlock, then slumber.


Medicinal marijuana consumers will find that the intense head high and soothing euphoria of this specimen are particularly effective for dealing with mental disorders that focus on overthinking, anxiety and hyperactivity, and as such she’s a super strain for easing symptoms of OCD, ADHD and PTSD.


Growing this ganja is not for beginners, though. GG Lemon Fem boasts the high-yielding characteristics of her Lemon Haze Sativa parentage - and is surely worthy of the energy and expenditure of creating an optimal environment - but she’s a tad too fussy for newbies or first-time growers.



Flavor and Fragrance of GG Lemon

As you’d expect from any strain with a Lemon Haze parent, Gorilla G Lemon Fem is particularly notable for her citrus scent and lemon flavor.


Pungent in aroma, the Haze scent comes through strongly with a toke of this stuff, mixing pine and earthy notes to artfully underpin her fresh, lemon tang. Her flavor, however, differs slightly - still fruity but with a spicy, earthen kick that serves to boost the freshly squeezed lemon taste that’s both bitter and sour whilst smooth to inhale.




When you see that THC levels can reach 29% with GG Lemon Fem, you know you’re in for the high of a lifetime. Not for the faint of heart or the workaholic types, this hybrid is a beast of a ride.


As with most Sativa strains, taking a toke will kickstart the mind into an uplifting, energy surge of a cerebral high in just a minute or two, quickly developing into the euphoric giggle fits you’d expect from a strain with strong Haze parentage.


This happy high will grow and grow until it peaks into a sedating, couch-locking numbness that will arrive with no warning and creep up on you. Drawing on her Indica GG roots, this strain will swiftly envelop you in a calmness that serves to soothe the senses and ease you down into a peaceful sleep of no comparison. Not for a workday or even a weekday, this is a weekend strain only - one for long after the days’ chores have been completed.


Since the THC in this strain is so high, GG Lemon Fem can be easily overconsumed to produce side effects of a most unpleasant nature. Bouts of anxiety, paranoia or even greening out (sometimes known as a whitey) could occur when dosing beyond the recommended amount. To avoid such occurrences, try to stick to low dosages and build up gradually as you acclimate to her effects.


Even so, newbies: this is not for you. The effects can be far too overwhelming, so approach with caution.


Other milder side effects worth considering are cottonmouth, dry eyes and dizziness - we recommend staying hydrated throughout to avoid this.



Medical Uses of GG Lemon Feminized

Crazy high THC levels and a fast-hitting, long-lasting high make GG Lemon a potent therapeutic cannabis strain that acts as an excellent alternative for ailments of both the body and mind.


Since the head-high hits first (and arguably hardest), the mood-enhancing effects of this wild ganja girl are the first to be considered too. Liberating medicinal users by clearing the head and soothing the mind of anxious, negative thoughts, this strain's anxiolytic properties are particularly effective when it comes to the treatment of OCD, PTSD and depression.


Due to the intense munchies induced by GG Lemon, those suffering from a variety of eating disorders or lack of appetite due to medication or chemotherapy can benefit greatly from this strain.


Given the intensely sedating effects of both this hybrid strain’s parents, the stress relieving properties of this speicmen are something of a wonder, unknotting even the tightest of muscles, and easing and soothing knots, you can expect to find yourself softened, loose and tranquil with a joint of GG Lemon Fem in hand. 


These relaxing effects can also be hugely beneficial for those who struggle with ADD, ADHD and insomnia, as they are immensely calming whilst capable of gently pulling you into sleep.


GG Lemon’s antiemetic properties also make her a great choice for easing nausea, and as a potent analgesic, she can provide relief from mild to severe pain from such conditions as sciatica, multiple sclerosis, dysmenorrhea and fibromyalgia amongst many others.



Growing GG Lemon Feminized

If you’re reading this page and thinking of cultivating this is as first grow - think again. Amateurs should avoid this strain, as you'll need some prior experience in cannabis cultivation for GG Lemon Feminized to thrive. Those who are more experienced though, step on up if you fancy a challenge since this potent bud beast is certainly worth the effort for the gorgeous resinous buds you’re going to get if you treat her right. And to make things a little easier, she’s all-fem, so there’s no need to worry about weeding out the males.


Though she’s a mostly Indica strain, GG Lemon’s growth characteristics are more Sativa in nature, and as such she’s a tall one, stretching up to 200cm if given the space - so she might do better in an outdoor environment: maybe a warm, sunny climate with pleasant temperatures.


If you’re determined to grow her indoors, do make sure that she has the vertical space to reach for the stars, as her towering foliage will grow far better with room to maneuver and plenty of light. If you think this could be an issue, you can always try the Screen of Green technique (ScroG) to encourage her branches to grow outward rather than upward - and this will expose your plants to better light, which is sure to drastically improve the final yield of between 400 to 500 grams per plant in 8 to 9 weeks.


When fully grown, she’s a beauty in bright green, abundant with oblong-shaped flowers and drawing you in with her namesake lemony scent to take a good whiff of those sticky, resinous buds and dark brown pistils.




A genetic masterpiece born of two award-winning strains, GG Lemon Feminized is capable of uplifting the mind and relaxing the body and soul, by perfectly blending together the best traits of her parents.


Sour-sweet and citric, moreish lemony flavors present in both this strain's smoke and her taste, beautifully underpinned with earthen, pine-like notes that serve only to enhance the overall experience. Once smoked, you’ll struggle not to go back for a second go.


Energizing, therapeutic and relaxing - GG Lemon has it all, taking you on a journey upwards into euphoria that builds in intensity until finally bringing you down to a body-stone of glue-like sedation. Capable of easing the most intrusive of thoughts, the mental health benefits of this strain are particularly abundant, and she’s a masterful pain reliever too.


Growing GG Lemon Fem isn’t easy, but if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Newbies should avoid this strain, but those with some experience are likely to relish the challenge, content in the knowledge that her light green foliage and oblong flowers will soon flourish into a sparkling, trichome-covered, sticky delight.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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