Critical 2.0 Feminized Seeds

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Critical 2.0 Feminized Seeds

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With Critical 2.0, those potent genetics have been further tinkered with, backcrossed and stabilized to eradicate those weaknesses and present tokers with a high yielding and easy growing delight for the ages...

A High Yielding Sativa Superstar


Bud Basics

Critical +, aka Critical Plus, is the result of crossing the iconic and perennially stinky Skunk strain with the bodacious bud producer Big Bud, which succeeded in boosting yields through the roof but added an inherent and unfortunate susceptibility to bud rot.


With Critical 2.0 (or Critical Plus 2.0), those potent genetics have been further tinkered with, backcrossed and stabilized to eradicate those weaknesses and present tokers with a high yielding and easy growing delight for the ages.


Not only do these beauties come with a remarkably robust resilience to mold or pest-related problems, but they’re also famed for explosive growth and a straightforward cultivation experience that even novice growers can reap the considerable benefits of.


And, thanks to the feminized nature of these beans, the hassle of rooting out crop-ruining male plants for those seeking only a bountiful harvest is removed from concern.


With a high THC count and quintessential Sativa influence, Critical 2.0 Feminized is guaranteed to satisfy the itch for a sociable and energizing bud boost with myriad medical benefits to boot - though, you’ll need a respectable tolerance for THC if you’re going to dance with this Sativa superstar, whose relaxing Indica influence is never too far behind that cerebral uplift.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical 2.0

Those tantalizing terpenes are working overtime when it comes to the flavor and fragrance of Critical Plus 2.0, which blends sweet and spicy nuances bursting with lemon, pine and peppery notes on the nose and tongue.


There’s certainly a chemical element at play here, which some liken to PineSol cleaner (and is undoubtedly influenced by the Skunk lineage hiding in the genetic makeup).


A true sensory delight, it’s hard to imagine anyone not feeling swiftly seduced by this enticing hybrid strain.




It can be easy to get carried away in the deliciousness of these buds and overindulge, but caution for the wary - at an average of 20% THCCritical 2.0 Feminized is not for the faint of heart.


Expect a profound and practically immediate sense of euphoria to sweep through the mind and cascade down the body, stretching its influence into every fiber of your being and offering a notably sociable buzz.


As the effects round out, you’ll feel your entire body encompassed in what feels like a warm and tingling buzz, relaxing you from head to toe while the cerebral influence makes life seem all the more vibrant, possibilities endless.


Before you know it, all tension or stress has faded away, and though the sedative effects begin to creep into dominance over any sociable buzz, you shouldn’t ever feel yourself slipping into an overwhelming sense of stonedness - no couchlock with these buds!


Of course, there’s always the possibility (see likelihood) of overindulging in a moreish strain like Critical 2.0, which is why either tempering your dosage or keeping a watchful eye on consumption will go a long way to avoiding any less desirable side effects of high THC strains.



Medical Uses of Critical 2.0 Feminized

Given the low levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) sitting under 1%, there are not a huge amount of medical patients benefitting from Critical 2.0 Feminized, however, those able to handle the THC-heavy therapy can expect to find a range of therapeutic boons awaiting them.


The fast-acting cerebral uplift and potent anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties found in these buds lend themselves famously to relieving symptoms of PTSD, stress, anxiety and depression, helping patients cut to the cause of their condition and make steady progress toward a healthier life.


This almost instant effect can also be especially effective for those who remain sceptical of the benefits medical marijuana has to offer.


Patients suffering from the mildest to the most severe physical pains and aches will also find Critical 2.0 Fem a highly effective means of managing and mitigating their conditions, returning a semblance of normal life to those whose condition dominates their every day.


Of course, caution is advised when consuming these buds for therapeutic purposes due to the naturally high THC count and its potential to induce the less desirable side effects of marijuana (which range from simple dry mouth or red eyes to potentially exacerbating anxiety or paranoia). Consumed in moderation, however, these potential effects reduce dramatically.



Growing Critical 2.0 Feminized Seeds

Thanks to breeders’ tireless efforts to stabilize the notorious Critical Plus genes, you’re in for a real treat when growing Critical 2.0 Feminized from seed, and even the less experienced cultivators can see commercial-worthy crops of these dense nugs with ease.


While the plants rarely reach over 1.5 meters tall in even the most optimal conditions, it’s worth considering some Low Stress Training (LST) techniques to further help manage that height while also boosting the already prodigious bud sites Critical 2.0 Fem plants develop.


Blessedly, no matter how dense these buds develop, you shouldn’t have to worry much about mold, disease or pest-related problems when cultivating this crop, though it’s perhaps best to opt for an indoor cultivation where you can further help mitigate any such common cannabis concerns.


Using a ScROG (Screen of Green) setup is reported to be a highly effective way of getting the most out of your plants, though those gifted with green thumbs or a wealth of experience can also make use of some High Stress Training (HST) techniques to take the yield potential through the roof.


Overall, you should be looking at no more than 6 to 8 weeks of flowering for your Critical 2.0 Feminized crop, at which time indoor growers can expect an astonishing 700 grams per meter squared. If you’re growing outdoors, you should be aiming to harvest by late September and can look forward to closer to a jaw-dropping 900 grams per plant!




The critically acclaimed Critical Plus gets a significant upgrade with this Critical 2.0 Feminized variety, which improves on the original by adding a robust resilience to this otherwise formidable specimen.


Highly approachable even for novice growers and capable of winning over the hearts of any recreational toker, these buds also offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits for those able to handle the high THC hit. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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