Once you have purchased your Marijuana seeds you may wonder what to do with them. These seeds are not hard to grow; you just need to do the process right so that you can get healthy plants. For first time growers, it is easy to grow feminized auto-flowering seeds. This way you will have an easier time cultivating youir plants. The first important step is to get the seeds from a reliable source so you can be assured that they will germinate and that the genetics will be quality in the first place.


Germinating Cannabis seeds is a smooth process. The first thing you need to ensure is that the seeds are exposed to the right amount of moisture. This will help break down the hard seed cover. If you decide to soak the seed, you should leave them in water for about 24-32 hours. Keep an eye on them and get them out of the water when they begin to sink. After you remove them you have the option of placing them undisturbed in a warm area so that they can sprout. Alternatively you can plant them right away in the growing medium making sure not to harm the delicate root structure.

Please note that the autoflowering seeds need the right temperature in order to sprout and should be left in a warm place. To make the process easier, you could carry out the germination during spring. There are many ways that you can germinate the seeds. You can even get a commercial germination unit to make your work easier. Whichever way you germinate your seeds, once they have sprouted they are ready for planting.


When it comes to planting, you need to decide if you are growing marijuana outdoors or indoors. Each option has its pros and cons and you should pick an option suitable for you. When you pick either, you should decide the type of medium you will use to grow your plants. There are different planting mediums from soil to hydroponics. The medium you choose should also be the one that is suitable for you.

You should handle the sprouted seed with care so as not to disturb the root system. If you are planting in soil, the sprouted seed should be just 1.3-2.5 cm under the soil. The top of the seed should be just below the surface as light is not required for it to grow. However, the soil should be warm for the seed to grow. If you are growing marijuana indoors, you can use lamps to keep it warm. If you are growing the plants outdoors, the area should be getting adequate warmth from sunlight.

Another thing to note is that when planting you should place the sprouted root facing down. If the root is planted facing up, the plant will take longer to grow as the seed will have to find the place to take root. Otherwise the seedlings should start showing through the soil in a few days. This is the time when you can introduce the light. The seedlings should not be transplanted when they are just forming. However, after they start showing 2 nodes, you can move them to their final large pots or hydro/aero nets.

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