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With cannabis concentrates growing ever more popular amongst marijuana consumers, it only makes sense to take the very best strains for making them and put them in one place.


Though not yet as popular as smoking the dried plants themselves, concentrates are still getting bigger with every passing year. Predictions even say that sales of concentrates might even overtake flower sales. So, no matter how you prefer to use these strains, our collection is perfect for making all kinds of concentrates for yourself at home. Then you can see what all the hype is about.


SeedSupreme’s concentrate seeds have not only tasty terpene profiles but also are considered to be high THC seeds. They naturally occurring oils, and smothered in resinous weed trichomes. Whether you’re seeking a strain for its high, its flavor, or something else entirely, our seed bank has something for everyone.

How is cannabis wax made?

Cannabis wax is a concentrated form of marijuana. It has a thick tacky texture that recreational and medicinal users enjoy. Many who enjoy dabbing prefer this weed product.

There are various methods used to make this product. After harvesting and decarbing one of the THC concentrate seeds of your choice, you’re ready to create your wax.

The common practice is to apply butane or something similar to your dry buds. The process allows the oils containing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, to separate from the flower.

Then, remove the butane from your solution by allowing it to evaporate. The remaining mixture is a resin containing high levels of THC, used in various ways.

It’s important to note that butane is toxic and flammable, so avoid consuming or exposing it to an open flame. If you’re interested in creating your own wax from the THC strains you’ve grown, it’s best to use a safer method.

An alternative to butane is pure alcohol. Cover your decarb flower with the alcohol and then swirl it around for approximately 20 seconds to extract the oils. Then strain the mixture through a coffee filter.

Either allow the rest of the alcohol to evaporate or apply some heat carefully without letting it boil. The result is the cannabis wax.

wax made from concentrate strains

How to use cannabis waxes

Cannabis wax is also known as a dab. The word “dab” comes from the amount of wax used to inhale it. A dab from any strain is more potent than the actual marijuana. The strength is due to its concentrated form of all the cannabinoids and chemicals extracted from the weed.

Only a dab of wax is needed as the THC content can range between 40 to 80%. The following are a few ways to use cannabis waxes:


The action of inhaling a portion of wax is known as dabbing. A special bong, also called an oil rig, is used when consuming this substance.

The wax is placed inside the rig on a nail and then heated using a butane torch. The effects felt from dabbing are almost immediate, thanks to its high THC wax strains.


Another option is to heat concentrates in a vape pen until vapor is released. A vaporizer with a heating coil is preferable. When applying heat, exercise caution so as not to burn the wax. Vaping is an extremely popular way of inhaling marijuana.


Add wax to your edibles by infusing it into your dishes or beverages. When creating your favorite treats, carefully measure the amount of concentrate in proportion to the THC content. 

Benefits of cannabis wax

Making wax may seem challenging, but the benefits are well worth it, especially if you want to experience the full effects marijuana offers. Some of these are:

  • Potent - Those who enjoy dab strains that pack a punch will find using wax very rewarding. 
  • Reduced odor - When applying heat to this form of concentrate, it reduces the amount of smoke or aroma. It does, however, maintain its flavor, and depending on the dab strains you choose, you can enjoy a wealth of delectableness.
  • Health benefit - Inhaling this form of weed, where there’s less smoke, potentially reduces the risk of lung damage. Patients who use it for medical reasons can experience the benefits much faster than consuming it in another form.
  • Variety - There is currently a wide range of weed products available. Adding THC wax strains and other concentrates to the list increases your range of choice.

What are concentrate strains?

Concentrate strains are marijuana that has a high THC content. It includes any form of cannabis extracted from a weed plant and created into a concentrated substance, for example oil, rosin or wax. 

The product contains no plant material and consists purely of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the trichomes of a cannabis bud.

What is dabbing?

In this case, dabbing isn’t the popular dance move from 2015. Dabbing is the act of applying intense heat to a dab in the oil rig and inhaling it. The sticky substance, once heated, starts to vaporize, at which point you’re able to inhale it.

Besides using a rig to dab the wax strains, you also need a nail affixed inside the rig and a dabber to hold the wax. A torch, similar to a blow torch, is used to apply the heat.

Benefits of dabbing

The increased level of potency is the primary benefit. You only need a small amount to experience an exhilarating high, which means you get more kick for your money.

If you want to experience the effects of dab strains immediately, this is the way to go. Dabbing allows you to feel the high instantaneously rather than gradually reaching the high as smoking a joint.

Those new to dabbing should exercise care when attempting it for the first time. Its relaxing benefits may be too overwhelming, and starting low and slow is always advisable.

The reduced amount of smoke and aroma is another benefit. Avoid the negative reactions some people have to pot smokers due to the clouds of smoke and unpleasant odors.

Dabbing also enhances the flavor of dab wax strains, making it a pleasurable experience.

Best strains for making concentrates

Choosing the best concentrate seeds is important if you want to appreciate all its benefits. The following are a few strains that SeedSupreme has on offer to provide you with all the energy you ever need: