Concentrate Strains


With cannabis concentrates growing ever more popular amongst marijuana consumers, it only makes sense to take the very best strains for making them and put them in one place.


Though not yet as popular as smoking the dried plants themselves, concentrates are still getting bigger with every passing year. Predictions even say that sales of concentrates might even overtake flower sales. So, no matter how you prefer to use these strains, our collection is perfect for making all kinds of concentrates for yourself at home. Then you can see what all the hype is about.


SeedSupreme’s concentrate strains are high in THC, with complex and tasty terpene profiles, naturally occurring oils, and smothered in resinous trichomes. Whether you’re seeking a strain for its high, its flavor, or something else entirely, our seed bank has something for everyone.

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What are Concentrate Strains?

Cannabis concentrates are included in hundreds of products, and you might never have been aware of it. Products that are processed and made from only the most desirable parts of the cannabis plant, they remove unwanted plant material and impurities to leave only the concentrated, most useful parts.


The most common compounds that are processed tend to be high in cannabinoids (like CBD or THC) and terpenes (sometimes called terps).


When you grow a strain and turn it into a concentrate, you’re creating a substance that can be consumed on its own, but also to increase the potency of the dried plant. Adding concentrate oil or wax to your joint can make a huge difference, as can consuming concentrates in a vaporizer or a dab rig (referred to as dabbing).


In the hands of a skilled cannabis artisan, the compounds of a marijuana plant can be made more potent, easier to carry, and less perishable than the delicate flower itself. One of the earliest examples of a concentrate should even sound familiar - hashish.


Why are Concentrates So Good?

When compared to the raw, natural plant form of marijuana, cannabis concentrates can provide a more potent high, can be faster-acting, and can be consumed in a wider variety of ways.


Dosing becomes a simpler affair that’s more precise, clean, and refined than traditional toking, meaning you can choose to fine-tune the ingredients that are most important to you.


Concentrate strains, when turned into concentrates, come in various forms. Each has a different look and texture and can be consumed in several different ways according to your preference. When making concentrates yourself, though, keep in mind that the aesthetics of a concentrate don’t really have any bearing on the quality of the stuff.


The simplest form of cannabis concentrate is kief, but you’ve likely also heard of hash. BHO and CO₂-extracted concentrates are also growing in popularity, and tinctures and edibles technically fall into the category too.


The most commonly reported benefits of turning your concentrate strains into concentrates is the potency and rapid onset of effects of marijuana in this form.


Concentrates have a higher bioavailability than the dried plants, which means their effects will kick in almost immediately, as they’re rapidly absorbed into your body. Though doses vary as much as they do with traditional toking, their effects can last from between 1 and 3 hours.


cannabis concentrates

Why Do I Need Concentrate Strains?

Each cannabis plant is abundant with complex compounds that can be used to produce a wide range of products. Each of these chemicals will affect the appearance, taste, aroma, and texture of the concentrate produced, in addition to changing the psychoactive and physiological effects. And the particularly desirable compounds tend to be found in frosty, sparkling trichomes.


Oils, extracts, and dabs can be made from any strain of weed, but to get top results, you need the very best raw materials available.


SeedSupreme’s concentrate strains are high quality, high yielding, and exhibit all of the most important traits in pot for making concentrates. Our collection includes strains with complex terpene profiles, high THC strains, and strains with the stickiest, densest coatings of trichomes.


Choosing concentrate strains gives you a lead in making concentrates for yourself, as the accumulation of trichomes is the process by which concentrates are made. Choosing high-yielding, trichome-heavy strains is the way to go to get the most out of your growing, and the most potent concentrates.