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With so many marijuana strains to choose from, deciding which cannabis seeds or hybrid strains you want to try next can be easier said than done. Many of the seeds available on SeedSupreme come in packs of ten - but we understand that sometimes you don’t want quite so many at once, and it can be a tough decision to choose one strain over another.


With our mind-blowing collection of Pick N Mix seeds, you can have all the variety you want, without committing to huge numbers of seeds. From fast strains to feminized, regular or autoflowering varieties, we've got you covered.


Each of these beans can be bought in quantities of 3, 5 or 10 seeds by cannabis connoisseurs seeking a little more spice in their life.

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Why Pick n Mix with SeedSupreme?

By selecting the lowest quantities available, you can easily curate a wide selection of weed seeds and strains in no time. And of course, our Pick N Mix seeds mean you can try your hand at collecting or growing all kinds of new seeds, for a lower price than you’d pay for larger quantities, multi-packs and mixes.


Our selections mean that you’re not wasting your money on collections and variety packs that include strains you’re not really interested in. And of course, it’s far easier to try your hand at the newest and most exciting strains on the scene without being obligated to buying a bunch at once.


After all, when there are so many strains available, it takes time to try them all - why not try them one at a time, instead? Selecting your seeds, Pick N Mix style, gives you the choice and freedom to decide which seeds you want and how many you want from our large collection.


With SeedSupreme’s Pick N Mix seeds, you won’t end up with seeds you don’t like and don’t use.


You can add some of the rarer, more expensive strains to your personal seed bank without having to throw buckets of cash at the collection.


You can try out a tasty and tempting flavor you’re not sure you’ll love, or dive into the world of the highest THC strains or high CBD strains for a little extra therapeutic oompfh.


Or, you can try your hand at all-fem beans, medicinal or auto strains, just to see if you can cultivate them. Even swap your usual Indica for a daytime Sativa. Life’s better with variety, so satisfy your need for variety, here.