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With so many marijuana strains to choose from, deciding which cannabis seeds or hybrid strains you want to try next can be easier said than done. Many of the seeds available on SeedSupreme come in packs of ten - but we understand that sometimes you don’t want quite so many at once, and it can be a tough decision to choose one strain over another.


With our mind-blowing collection of Pick N Mix seeds, you can have all the variety you want, without committing to huge numbers of cultivars. From fast version seeds that take approximately 4-6 weeks to flower to feminized seeds that require more time and effort to grow but bring bigger yields. Additionally, browse our regular seeds that are perfect for interbreeding, we've got you covered.


Each of these beans can be bought in quantities of 3, 5 or 10 seeds by cannabis connoisseurs seeking a little more spice in their life.

Benefits of purchasing weed seeds pick'n'mix-style

From variety to appealing prices, the benefits of purchasing pick ‘n mix style seeds are extensive. Let's take a look at the main ones:


  • Since you’re purchasing the seeds you want instead of an entire packet, your seeds cost less. Purchase only what you want and forget the rest.
  • By buying fewer seeds, you can sample a strain while you decide if you’d like to order a bigger pack. 
  • Purchasing pick ‘n mix seeds means you have a wider variety to sample as you can buy them in smaller quantities. Rather than sticking to one strain, now you can purchase samples of different strains all at once.


pick n mix


Pick and mix cannabis seeds

At Seed Supreme, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a wide range of pick ‘n mix cannabis seeds to choose from. Here are some of our top suggestions to try:


  • Amnesia Haze autoflower, an impressive sativa strain that has won multiple awards. If you enjoy a fresh citrus taste, we suggest Amnesia Haze autoflower.
  • Most of us enjoy a soft smoke followed by an intense high, if you’re that person, then Amnezia Autoflower seeds are for you.
  • Are you a fan of quick-growing and highly potent strains? CBD Kush auto is high in CBD. Fans of this cultivar claim that it’s a fantastic pain relief strain.
  • Purple Kush fem has a high THC content, delivering energizing effects.


These are some of our popular suggestions; over 200 different strains are waiting for you to pick one!


Why pick ‘n mix with Seed Supreme?

Why should you choose SeedSupreme for your pick and mix seeds? We believe in selling high-quality seeds at affordable prices. 


We offer an extensive catalog and cater to anyone looking for the finest strains to start their growing journey. Did we mention that we ship anywhere within the USA?


For those of you living outside of the USA, we regret to inform you that we cannot ship to you at this time.


Our seeds are sourced from passionate growers and breeders in the Netherlands and Spain, so you know you're buying quality. We have the seeds you're looking for with our wide range of quality cannabis seeds.


How to pick the best ones?

Wondering which seeds are the best to start with? We suggest going with the pick and mix autoflowering seeds. All-year growing and a shorter life cycle leaves you with more time to get extra seeds and start growing again. In our catalog, you'll pick up lots of auto seeds to buy at affordable prices.


Looking for a versatile seed that yields large quantities and is convenient to grow? We suggest choosing feminized seeds. These variants generate top-quality plants and are offered in a wide variety in the USA.


You'll find a plethora of feminized pick and mix seeds to choose from, all with their own unique qualities to enjoy.

So, if you're interested in pick ‘n mix seeds, Seed Supreme is the store for you. Start growing your own today!

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