Lemon Garlic OG Feminized Seeds

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Lemon Garlic OG Feminized Seeds

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Complemented by a long-lasting body stone, Lemon Garlic OG Feminized brings on a calming euphoria in just one toke, as she swiftly moves in to usher negative thought from the mind and boost the mood with feelings of joy...

Unique Flavors and Indica Head-Highs


Bud Basics

Originating in California as a descendant of the legendary OG Kush, the award-winning True OG is the strain behind this herbal and lemon-flavored cannabis. Back crossed across six generations, breeders developed Lemon Garlic OG from a particularly fine phenotype of True OG to create a pungent strain with a citrus aroma that’s both stable and capable of delivering uniquely head-clearing highs - especially when you consider how Indica-dominant this 22% THC strain really is.


Complemented by a long-lasting body stone, Lemon Garlic OG Feminized brings on a calming euphoria in just one toke, as she swiftly moves in to usher negative thought from the mind and boost the mood with feelings of joy.


By easing tension in the muscles, this strain can provide effective pain relief, but is also widely considered to be best for warding off the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


The strong garlic and lemon aromas of Lemon Garlic OG begin long before she’s dried and cured, as even before harvesting, her scent is strong and alluring. Easy to grow and maintain, some pruning and the correct balance of nutrients is essential, but otherwise you’ll have hefty yields with this plant with bare minimum effort - made simpler with feminized seeds.



Flavor and Fragrance of Lemon Garlic OG Feminized

Totally unique in her flavor profile, Lemon Garlic OG combines the fresh scent of lemon and pine with a pungent garlic note that’s savory and delicious, whilst somehow tasting a little more exotic than your usual cannabis flavors.


Oh, and it fends off vampires too…




Those initially trying Lemon Garlic OG Fem might find themselves asking how such an Indica-heavy (80%) strain can provide mental stimulation such as is normally only found in Sativa-dominant weed. The answer is easy enough: entourage effect. The combined effect of the fragrance produced by this plant’s unique terpene profile synergizes with the THC and CBD in the strain to enhance each one’s effect. Neat, right?


Highly psychoactive, this strain is fast-acting and will begin to fill your mind with euphoria almost as soon as you take a toke, her smoke working to spread an incomparable high through the body that wipes away negative mood and ushers in positivity and joy while easing tension in the muscles.


Once your body has melted into a puddle of tranquil bliss, the laziness will begin to set in, gradually increasing to a full-on couchlock feeling that sedates you with pleasure before lulling you into sleep. As such, this is definitely a strain for the afternoon or early evening - not for when you’ve got a lot on your to-do list.



Medical Uses of Lemon Garlic OG Feminized

Due to the flood of euphoria brought on by Lemon Garlic OG, she’s an effective therapeutic strain for wiping out stress. By relaxing the body down into a chilled-out state, her calming properties ward off and ease the difficult symptoms of anxiety and depression.


With excellent analgesic properties, this strain is a treat for those struggling with headaches, migraines, muscle spasms and chronic pain - however nausea and lack of appetite are more commonly treated with Lemon Garlic OG, as she can induce an intense hunger in all who consume this cannabis.


Once this weed begins to wind down, her recreational effects can also be utilized for their medical benefits, and those with insomnia will find that the restful and restorative sleep this strain brings on can be a welcome relief.


Despite the many medicinal functions of Lemon Garlic OG Fem, dosages of this strain should be carefully watched, as though dry mouth, eyes and dizziness are common, the psychoactive properties in this herb can lead to heightened feelings of paranoia and anxiety if not consumed responsibly.



Growing Lemon Garlic OG Feminized Seeds

This medium-sized, Indica-dominant strain requires a bit more space than other Indica strains, but is otherwise a straightforward plant to grow once germination and transplanting is completed.


The vegetative period of this strain is fast, and the flowering phase will be upon you before you know it. As Lemon Garlic OG Feminized matures into her long, slim-fingered leaves, you’ll find she needs some careful pruning to allow light and air to penetrate her lower branches, which will further improve the strain’s natural resistance to molds, pests and mildews.


Since these seeds are feminized, 90% of the seeds in the batch should be female - meaning it’s unlikely you’ll need to separate out the males to prevent pollination.


After the pre-flowers have appeared, Lemon Garlic OG will flower for a minimum of 9 weeks before her buds are fully developed, and her long colas will fill with thick, frosty trichomes that are particularly pungent in odor. Carbon filter installation as an odor-control system is highly recommended, particularly if you’re trying to grow your batch discreetly.


When your crop’s ready to harvest, Lemon Garlic OG Fem will yield between 400 and 600 grams per square meter, but outdoor growers can expect more.


Temperate outside climates that mimic the Mediterranean are ideal, and in such an environment this strain can reach between 3 and 5 meters in height. Outdoors, less nutrients are required (make sure to avoid nutrient burn), and you should be ready to harvest by the third week of October, with a jaw-dropping yield of between 1000 to 3000 grams per plant.




Given the vast amount of strains that originate from OG Kush, it takes something really special to stand out in the crowd - and Lemon Garlic OG is damn special. Savory rather than sweet, the pine and lemon notes that underpin the herbal garlic flavor of this strain are uniquely delicious, with few hybrids coming close to comparison for taste and aroma.


80/20 Indica to Sativa, the head-high this strain induces is surprisingly strong, and perfectly capable of boosting your energy levels and your mood alike. Once that body-stone kicks in though, you’re done for - the laziness this lady ushers in will melt your muscles down to a tranquil bliss that eventually, inevitably, turns to slumber.


Medicinal marijuana consumers will find that Lemon Garlic OG Feminized is efficient at reducing pain of both the physical and mental variety, and as such the temptation to grow your own is hard to resist.


Since she’s an easy strain to manage, even those new to cannabis cultivation will do well growing this plant, as she requires only a little maintenance to provide satisfying yields. Choose to grow her outdoors, and you’ll be amazed at just how many tasty nugs you’ll end up with.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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