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Bursting with the prettiest purple hues come maturity, UltraViolet OG is a product of pure decadence and indulgence. The dictionary definition of an ideal evening smoke, which brings on a trance-like state of...

Pretty in Purple

Bud Basics

Engineered by combining the genetics of Face Off OG and Purple Indica from the Pacific Northwest, this impressive new-wave specimen is one of the most gorgeous plants you’ll ever set eyes on. One with approximately 80% Indica genetics, meaning UltraViolet OG Feminized is also a compact and convenient strain to grow at home.

Bursting with the prettiest purple hues come maturity, UltraViolet OG is a product of pure decadence and indulgence. The dictionary definition of an ideal evening smoke, which brings on a trance-like state of dreamy euphoria while slowly sending you to sleep. A good batch can test for as much as 21% THC, adding up to more than enough punch to have you seeing stars in no time.

Socially, UltraViolet OG is a strain with limited practical applications. Unless you enjoy the prospect of sitting around in silence for hours on end and eventually falling into sleep, this herb's one to save for moments of personal pleasure.

By contrast, this pot's potential therapeutic applications are practically endless. From long lasting pain relief to putting an end to insomnia to reversing even advanced appetite issues, these buds are essential for any medicine cabinet.

As this is the feminized version of the strain, you won’t have to worry about unwanted male plants appearing in your grow. Typically topping out at around 150cm, you don’t need a great deal of space to produce generous yields indoors or out. 500g or so for every square meter of grow space is the norm, courtesy of plants with one of the most enchanting floral fragrances you’ll ever have the pleasure of picking up on.

Flavor and Fragrance of UltraViolet OG Feminized

Equally impressive as this herb's mezmerizing purple hues is the aroma of these plants, which come maturity is dominated by the distinct fragrance of vibrant violets. Complementing the experience arae waves of sweet and sour citrus, with just a hint of peppery spice and classic cannabis dankness.

The flavor of UltraViolet OG Feminized has to be experienced to be appreciated, which combines a multitude of floral notes with a spicy herbal aftertaste. The smoke is satisfying and rich, though slightly sharp and potentially cough-inducing. One to take slowly by novice smokers, or to enjoy by way of vaporization if preferred.


There’s nothing slow or gradual about the way UltraViolet OG gets to business. Just three hours or so after those first few hits, chances are you’ll be catching some Zs... and for several hours to come.

Initially, the effect is one of immediate and intensive mood-enhancement, which for a short time at least can be energizing and motivating. Focus and clear-headedness are felt almost instantaneously, alongside a burst of self-confidence and an optimistic outlook.

However, give things just 20 minutes or so and the Indica-heavy lineage of UltraViolet OG makes its presence known. A feeling of physical heaviness hits the body from head to toe like a sledgehammer, rendering it practically impossible to resist the urge to curl up on the couch. At which point, you’ll be locked to your favorite piece of furniture for the duration, during which the passage of time slows and a trance-like state sets in.

Before you know it, you’re waking up after several hours of blissful deep sleep, ready to face whatever the new day has in store. A fantastic strain when you’ve nothing on your agenda but relaxation and unconsciousness – one to avoid entirely where moving a muscle is required.

Medical Uses of UltraViolet OG Feminized

As you’d expect from a strain with approximately 80% Indica genetics, the therapeutic applications of UltraViolet OG Feminized are almost exclusively physical.

There’s much to be said for this herb's uplifting and confidence-boosting properties – great for getting to grips with bad moods, bouts of poor self-esteem and when you’re generally feeling down in the dumps. Nevertheless, it’s more about physical sedation with this stuff – an area in which these buds excel.

There's no waiting hours on end for the body stone to reach its peak – 20 to 30 minutes in and you’re horizontal for the duration. In no time at all, mild to moderate pain is replaced with a feeling of floaty warmth and numbness that lingers indefinitely. UltraViolet OG is particularly popular among patients seeking alternative treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, migraine headaches, joint stiffness and muscle pains.

The only slight catch-22 here is that a biblical burst of insatiable hunger is more or less guaranteed. Though it has a habit of kicking in at a time when even calling for a takeout seems like too much trouble. Careful planning is therefore of the essence with this stuff, ensuring everything you’ll be needing for the next few hours at least is within arm’s reach.

Growing UltraViolet OG Feminized Seeds

Topping out at no more than around 150 centimeters in height, this is a relatively simple specimen to get to grips with indoors or out. Warm and consistent Mediterranean-like conditions are essential for outdoor cultivation – anyone situated further north will need to set up indoors.

There’s nothing too challenging involved when growing UltraViolet OG Feminized, shy of keeping an eye on moisture levels and foliage density to prevent mold and rot.

Flowering times average around eight weeks, after which harvests can be as generous as 500g for every square meter of grow space. These beauties are just as comfortable in quality soil as in a more advanced hydro set up, so there’s no need to shell out for pricey gear to get the job done.

The odd overnight cold snap towards the end of the flowering stage will ensure those beautiful purple hues are accentuated, though won’t make any real difference to the quality of potency of the final smoke.


UltraViolet OG Feminized is the dictionary definition of a true multi-sensory strain. Long before getting anywhere near, you’re already enticed by magnificent violet hues. Sticky buds in plentiful supply, an alluring aroma and flavor beyond compare, all with the added bonus of up to 21% THC when crafted with care.

Leaning heavily towards the Indica side of the scale, this herb offers a deeply relaxing and physically sedating stone that’s ideal for moments of pure indulgence. She's also got more than enough potency and punch to render most users unconscious, making for the perfect nightcap at the end of a difficult day.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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