What are the state marijuana laws?

Is buying cannabis legal in Massachusetts?

Can I grow cannabis in Massachusetts?

Is it legal to consume cannabis in Massachusetts?

When should marijuana become legal in Massachusetts?

FAQs about cannabis in Massachusetts

Wrapping Up


Is weed legal in Massachusetts? It seems like there's a trend in the USA towards legalizing marijuana. However, keeping up with the current laws in each state can get confusing. 


In some states, lawmakers have decriminalized the substance, while in others, it's legal for recreational use.


Certain regions still maintain strict legislation against weed. Then, there's medicinal marijuana and the various laws regarding the possession and consumption thereof.

Below we discuss the Massachusetts marijuana laws, legal limits, and other facts about enjoying this herb in the Pilgrim state. Let's begin! 


What are the state marijuana laws?

Fortunately, for tokers in the Old bay state, both medicinal and recreational weed is legal. In 2012 the state legalized the substance for medical users. 

This legislation change was a response to the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Ballot initiative. The state's public health department regulates the administration. 

Four years later, Massachusetts marijuana laws changed to permit recreational use for adults aged 21 or older. Commercial sales didn't occur until 2018. 

Massachusetts weed laws are subject to limitations and specific clauses. After several debates, lawmakers decided to impose a 20% tax on recreational weed. This percentage consists of marijuana excise tax and state sales tax. 

Medicinal marijuana is currently tax-free, and the Cannabis Control Commission regulates the substance state-wide. There are specific Massachusetts marijuana laws that recreational users need to abide by. Some of these include:


  • Public use of marijuana in any form is forbidden.


    • You may possess up to 10 ounces of cannabis at your primary residence, excluding weed seeds.
    • If you're traveling with weed, it needs to be stored either in the trunk of your vehicle or glove compartment. You must also ensure that you seal the container.


  • Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal.


  • Even though Massachusetts legalized weed, landlords and employers might have their own policies regarding its consumption on their premises.


Is buying cannabis legal in Massachusetts?

When lawmakers chose to legalize marijuana in Massachusetts, it took more years for commercial weed sales to take off legally. There's a registry for those with qualifying health conditions. Patients who qualify receive formal certification from their health care provider.


Once approved by a medical professional, the patient using medical cannabis must register with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMP). Patients then receive an ID card valid for three years, but they need to renew their registration annually. This is a free process.

If you're over the age of 21 and want to purchase recreational weed, Massachusetts weed laws are pretty lenient. The main restrictions are your age and buying limits. You can currently purchase up to an ounce. 

Legal marijuana in Massachusetts is available at multiple dispensaries and other vendors.


Can I grow cannabis in Massachusetts?

If you're older than 21, Massachusetts marijuana laws permit you to cultivate up to six plants per person or 12 per household. Your crops are considered additional to the 10-ounce possession limit. 

Medical tokers may be exempt from these cultivation limits if they apply for hardship registration. In this case, they'll be allowed to grow any amount of medicinal weed seeds they'd need for a 60 day supply of marijuana.

Two ideal strains to grow in this state are Blue Dream Feminized and Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized.


Is it legal to consume cannabis in Massachusetts? 

Massachusetts pot legalization policies permit users to consume cannabis in various forms. The only condition is that you may not enjoy it in public. Regardless if the weed is in edible, tincture, or vaping form. It needs to be consumed discreetly. 

Regarding possession, tokers may have on their person up to an ounce in public. If you hold more, it's considered a misdemeanor, and you’ll be liable for a fine of up to $100. 


When should marijuana become legal in Massachusetts?

Marijuana has been legal in the Pilgrim state for a few years already. The only Massachusetts marijuana laws that remain rigid relate to where it can be consumed.

Weed products aren't permitted in public, but the state does allow social consumption in designated smoke rooms and at specified cafes where tobacco smoking also occurs. These rules are set by local jurisdiction with the permission of the Cannabis Control Commission.


FAQs about cannabis in Massachusetts

Since weed is legal in Ma, there are some questions that may arise. Below we address a few of these.


What are typical medical conditions that qualify for the MMP?

Massachusetts weed laws permit a medical professional to recommend marijuana treatment for any debilitating condition. Health issues that prompt doctors to consider marijuana use include but aren't limited to 

  • Cancer
  • HIV/Aids
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Crohn's disease
  • Glaucoma 
  • Hepatitis C 


Do I have to be a resident of Massachusetts to purchase recreational weed? 

No, according to Massachusetts marijuana laws, anyone over the age of 21 can purchase cannabis products in the state. 


If there are more than two adults in a household, what is the cultivation limit? 

The maximum number of weed plants permitted per household is 12. 


Wrapping Up 

Is weed legal in Massachusetts? Yes, it's a state that offers progressive cannabis legislation. Massachusetts weed laws are pretty lenient. Both medical and recreational tokers have access to legal weed.

With the cannabis laws changing so frequently across the country, it can be challenging to keep track of which states have legalized weed.

Recreational marijuana is currently legal in several states, including California and Washington, and more are sure to follow. Keep up with the latest developments and updates here at Seed Supreme.

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