We recently penned a piece to put to rest the age-old argument as to whether or not cannabis hangovers exist.

They do - and they’re pretty nasty when they occur.

Of course, neither the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption or the completely debilitating after effects apply where weed is concerned. Unless you made the decision to combine alcohol with cannabis, which most will tell you is never a great idea.

As for curing cannabis hangovers when they hit, the key lies in first considering why you ended up feeling hung over in the first place. The high quantities of THC in your system obviously play a role, but there are other factors to consider when treating your symptoms the morning after.


The Munchies

For example, there’s a good chance you’ll have succumbed to a frenzied bout of the munchies the night before and made some terrible dietary decisions. When you fill your body to bursting point with junk food beyond its normal capacity, it pays the price with a hangover of sorts.



If we’re being honest, most stoners reach a point during an extensive smoking session where they completely forget to keep themselves hydrated. The weed they smoke dries the living daylights out of their insides, resulting in mild dehydration that can trigger similar after effects to an alcohol hangover.


Booze Consumption

Being perfectly honest once again, alcohol and weed simply go hand in hand for millions of regular users. Bring booze into the mix and all of the unpleasant symptoms the next day will be intensified, along with additional and even more unpleasant symptoms as a bonus.


What’s the Cure For a Cannabis Hangover?

The only viable ‘cure’ for a cannabis hangover that actually works is prevention. Roughly translated, taking the necessary steps to ensure you don’t get massively hung over in the first place.

Abstinence is the only real solution for those who suffer badly with weed hangovers, but this probably isn’t a realistic option for most.

As for the good news, there’s plenty you can do for the night before to at least reduce the severity of your hangover the next day. All of which could help you get through what’s shaping up to be a dreary and dismal January, where abstinence is out of the question and hangovers are particularly painful.

Here’s what you can do to help bring things down a notch:


1. Add CBD to Your Regime

It’s entirely up to you how you consume it, but getting a decent amount of CBD in your system at the same time as the THC can and will make a big difference. CBD is renowned for countering many of the effects THC has on the body, making for a more mellow experience and a less crippling comedown. 


2. Try CBD the Morning After

If that particular ship has sailed, try reaching for some high-quality, high-potency CBD the morning after and see if it helps bring you around. It certainly won’t do you any harm and could soothe some of the side effects you’re experiencing.


3.  Hydrate Yourself 

Staying hydrated (and that doesn't mean with booze) while consuming cannabis can minimize or even eliminate many of the ill-effects you experience the next day. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential, as is ensuring you drink plenty of water the morning after.


4. Eat Something Sensible

If possible, avoid the temptation to stuff yourself with even more junk food for therapeutic purposes. You’ll definitely benefit from an immediate energy boost from all the fat, calories and sugar, but you’ll soon face a crashing comedown and feel even worse than you did before.


5. Get Some Exercise

Last but not least, one of the only effective ways of speeding up the body’s detoxification processes and getting you back on track is to get some exercise.  Even if the last thing you have on your mind at the time is physical exertion, you’ll be glad you made the effort when the fog starts to clear.

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