Best strain for muscle recovery

Best weed strains for working out

Here’s why working out while high is probably a bad idea

Workouts while high: Our verdict


Has your training been bogging you down lately? A cannabis infusion could be just what you need. Workouts while high might not sound all that intuitive, but the ‘lazy pothead’ stereotype is getting old. Modern tokers are active, determined, and up for anything.

Of course, not any herb will do the trick. But many athletes are learning the right bud can do wonders for performance, and you’re about to join them.

Endurance and enjoyment are the name of the game with these canna-prodigies. They help you get in the groove, minimize muscle soreness, and smash the routine.

Are you ready to elevate your sweat sessions?


Best weed strains for working out


Join us to learn about working out and weed and discover top cultivars to smoke during and after your gym session.


Best weed strain for muscle recovery

You know how it goes after a workout—you fuel and hydrate, hours pass, and you’re feeling good. Then stiffness and aches start creeping in.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is a natural part of building muscle. Although inevitable, it can be a real pain when you have another session scheduled on the following day.

So, before diving into the much more questionable area of using weed for working out, let’s talk about recovery.

Any fitness enthusiast will tell you that proper rest is as important as activation for your fitness levels. And marijuana can be indispensable for helping your muscles heal after exertion.


weed and post-workout muscule recovery


This section is where fitness cannabis has the most backing research. Anecdotes agree—you’ll find countless athletes using the herb to bounce back from tough training.

The anti-inflammatory properties of pot are the reason behind this nifty application. The best strains for running or lifting can improve your fitness by helping you get back in the grind faster.

Cannabis has no confirmed effects on protein synthesis. Its anti-inflammatory properties are magic against the perception of muscle soreness, though. The relief is similar to taking an Advil after exercise, only cleaner.

If we had to choose the best strain for muscle recovery, we’d pick Black Domina. You can buy great Black Domina feminized seeds and grow this strain indoors or out with little to no efforts. 

This indica cultivar is powerful and relaxing. It contains 15–20% THC and numerous soothing terpenes to help you unwind after your grind. The intense physical effects put your body in full-blown recovery mode.

A puff of its sweet, Kush-y smoke revs up the appetite, inspiring a wholesome meal to fuel your muscles. Once you eat, you’ll want nothing more than to chill out, have a warm bath, and hit the sack for a healthy eight hours of sleep.

This workout strain also induces gentle euphoria, prolonging the runner’s high!


Best weed strains for working out

You know that lighting it up the evening after works like a charm against sore muscles. Can workout strains help with the workout strain, though?

This question has many possible answers. Again, research surrounding the topic is limited. We mostly have to rely on anecdotal evidence and general marijuana effects to analyze its influence on training.

In a nutshell, here’s what we know:

  • CBD might improve your mood and reduce mobility issues for better physical and psychological performance.
  • THC might help you enter the exercise mindset and energize you for intense activity.

What about the cannabis seeds family? Should you choose sativa or indica for working out? 

In this case, sativa’s electrifying properties take the gold, but indica genetics isn’t always bad news. As long as you’re not glued to the couch, dreamy relaxation leaves you flowy and mobile. And many types of training, like jogging and yoga, benefit from such effects.

In the end, it’ll be an inquiry into your system and its interaction with cannabis. But we can use existing evidence to suggest some herbs that usually do the trick.

Take it slow, listen to your body, and use these five weed strains for working out to take your session higher.



Type: Sativa-dominant

THC: 3–6%

CBD: 6–8.5%

Harlequin is an amazing sativa for working out, especially if you’re into aerobic activities.

It’s a cross of three sativa crops and one indica, delivering a well-balanced effect profile with a rejuvenating streak. Buds carry moderate amounts of THC and CBD for gentle mind-and-body action.

As a result, Harlequin uplifts the mood, energy levels, and endurance without pushing you past your comfort zone. 

The smoke is a rejuvenating blend of herbs and pepper to prepare you for action. It’s not long before these tasty puffs leave bad thoughts in the background and infuse your mind space with calm motivation. Pains and aches dissipate soon after, and you’re limber and ready to rumble.

Tokers report feeling weightless when they work out high on Harlequin. The feeling is all-encompassing but rarely overpowering, not putting you in danger of losing your ground.



Type: Hybrid

THC: 1%

CBD: 16–18%

CBD ACDC is the best weed for working out if you want to stay clear headed while taking advantage of a boost. Its THC contents are minimal, never altering your perception.

The CBD contents are the kicker here, supplying your mind and body with energy. CBD ACDC is the perfect option for exercisers looking to explore working out and weed but worry about intoxication.

Several tokes of this refreshing smoke focus your eyes on the prize. Discomfort slides off the limbs, leaving you with zero excuses to skip training.

The body is bustling with energy, but no jitteriness or anxiety accompanies it. You’re calm, collected, and craving to smash your sesh.

Expert tip: Pick this workout strain if you get nervous at the gym. It won’t send you soaring, but you won’t feel as silly on the smith machine either.


Durban Poison

Type: Sativa

THC: 13–16%

CBD: Under 2%

Sometimes called the espresso of cannabis, Durban Poison is easily the best sativa strain for energy. Its pure South African genetics deliver elation and vigor without hints of unwanted laziness. Its moderate THC levels never throw you off balance.

This cultivar is perfect for morning pre-workout. Its sweet and piney smoke awakens all five senses and supplies much-needed motivation.

The effects start strong with a cerebral kick, inspiring and invigorating a sweat sesh on even the dreariest of mornings. High-intensity training has nothing on this sativa strain.


working out while high


The physical rush helps you hit your PRs. Your body is full of energy and ready to crush that lift or sprint, and the lingering head high makes it easy to remain focused.

Tokers discuss getting lost in the beats of their movement after some Durban Poison, their superstar performance driven by sheer sativa power.


Bruce Banner

Type: Sativa-dominant

THC: 18–24%

CBD: Under 2%

Bruce Banner is a sativa-dominant monster strain to get you smashing your sessions like the Incredible Hulk. An intense workout is guaranteed after a puff of this stuff.

The smoke is all earthy diesel, a rich bouquet for strong performance. And the effects are no less fierce.

The cerebral punch is immediate, sharpening your focus and skyrocketing motivation levels. Physical power arrives in mere minutes.

The initial influence of this workout strain is about swift energy, but it won’t have you bouncing against the walls. The high mellows after several beats, turning the rush of speed into an endurance boost. 

Lifters and runners alike find themselves in the zone, methodically going through the moves. You start strong and finish even stronger, but the heady mindfulness leaves you calm enough not to skip the cooldown.


Pineapple Express

Type: Hybrid

THC: 15–20%

CBD: 1%

Pineapple Express has quite a reputation. The namesake film painted it in crazy colors, but this crop actually induces an easygoing high.

It’s oh-so-sativa in effects, elevating your mood and encouraging greater enjoyment. Choose this weed for working out if you often struggle to stay present. Rediscover the pleasure of movement and enjoy a stronger mind-body connection.

With 25% THC, this one can be a surprise for novices. Seasoned tokers find the experience well-balanced and manageable, though. Besides the happiness boost, it brings an energizing body buzz that lasts throughout your activity.

The indica properties are equally gradual. Your body slowly starts calming by cooldown, but it’s never too lazy to move. Instead, the ensuing chill could encourage you to pull out the foam roller and treat the muscles to much-needed TLC.


Here’s why working out while high is probably a bad idea

Most discussions come with an additional consideration that’s much less fun but equally relevant. We have to talk about the health risks of cannabis usage during exercise.

The hazards are minimal for most healthy individuals. Proactively respond to discomfort, and you can be reasonably certain you’re avoiding all severe risks.

Awareness goes a long way for prevention, though. Between the ganja intoxication and possible heart complications, you should know the risks to make an informed decision for your health and fitness.

Let’s discuss frequently raised qualms about working out and weed and see whether there’s credence to these claims.


Cardiovascular health and marijuana

Research shows that marijuana increases heart rate and blood pressure during smoking and about an hour later. This influence could increase heart attack risk, especially in people with existing heart conditions.

The situation is similar while you train. Rigorous activity can temporarily raise the same two factors.

The two factors combine, elevating the blood pressure and heart rate more than either in isolation. What does this mean?

In most cases, it doesn’t mean anything. A healthy person is unlikely to face cardiovascular health concerns from working out and weed.

Consult your physician before mixing gym and ganja if you have a heart issue diagnosis. Those with higher underlying risks due to age, weight, or related conditions should tread with care.

Healthy individuals have a secondary risk to consider, though. Blood pressure shifts during intense exercise can cause dizziness. So, don’t practice high jumps or heavy lifts until you know you can take the double influence.

Another area of consideration is the weed dose. The more you smoke, the greater the effects on your cardiovascular system. So, choose a gentle workout strain, start with small puffs, and track your response for a healthy heart.


Other considerations

Cardiovascular interactions aren’t the only consideration if you want to work out while high. Other risk factors include lung capacity, the potential for injury, and cannabis side effects. Let’s analyze each.

First off, smoking harms lung health, causing inflammation, coughing, and reduced capacity over time. Most occasional tokers rarely notice this issue, but runners can find it problematic.

If cardiovascular performance is a concern, it’s better to stick with alternatives to inhalation.

Second, injury potential increases when you are high. Two reasons are responsible:

  • Cannabis effects could reduce your coordination
  • The energy and euphoria can make you push past pain

The first effect has an obvious solution. Don’t get too high for training, and start with familiar drills. Never try new moves high until you’re steady.

The second is a bit tougher to tackle. The difference between muscle tension and pain that signals injury is very slight. Extra care and practicing new moves with a sober mind help you avoid pulling anything with that new squat variation.

Finally, even the best weed strains come with common side effects. These can be as simple as cottonmouth and dry eyes or lead to dizziness and anxiety. And these symptoms aren’t conducive to smashing your workout.

It’s again a matter of moderation. Severe side effects usually follow higher doses of THC-rich bud.

Start low and go slow, gauging your reactions before hitting the gym. Pick a cultivar with higher CBD levels to counter the influence of THC, and drink plenty of water to combat the common symptoms.


Workouts while high: Our verdict

What’s the conclusion? Should you work out while high or keep your blunts for post-exercise chill sessions?

Cannabis isn’t necessarily performance-enhancing, but it can make training more enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned exerciser or a novice dreading their workout days, that’s an effect worth exploring.

Choose a workout strain, focusing on those with sativa genetics and the right cannabinoid contents. Join numerous tokers to feel more motivated, enjoy higher energy levels, and have fun after a puff.

Recently we posted our selection of the best strains for boosting energy,if you haven’t found the strain you were searching for here, feel free to read our recent guide on weed strains for energy.

Test the bud at home before taking your activities outside, and have a person nearby to spot your lifts. Keep things moderate to reap the benefits without risking the drawbacks.

Stick to our guidelines and use our weed strains for working out to step up your gym game.

Visit our shop to find high quality sativa seeds to grow your own strain at home. Stay tuned to our blog for more guides on cannabis and its numerous delightful applications.

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