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Do you want to grow the best strains for the ultimate relaxation? Our high-quality Sour Diesel seeds are an excellent pick. The cultivars are perfect for that morning hit that keeps you alert and ready to face the day.


It’s Wiz Khalifa’s preferred cultivar, which helps bid goodbye to all the negativities that hold you down. Besides the powerful highs that have you begging for more, the Diesel strains are also famous for their unmistakable gassy fragrance. Read on for all you need to know about this gassy-scented cultivar.

Diesel seeds - a powerful dose of euphoric energy

If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds and outstanding yields, it might be challenging to select just one when there are so many options. Check out our top picks below to find your perfect match.


Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

Diesel autoflower seeds are sativa-dominant with a unique, fresh taste. The flavors mainly consist of lemon and grapefruit, with undertones of a distinct taste.

The THC content is around 15–17%, and crops take approximately 9–10 weeks to flower. Expect generous yields if you cultivate seeds in the right conditions.

They grow to produce a bounty of delectable buds that look and smell fantastic. The strain offers an incredible cerebral high with uplifting effects, leaving you satisfied and relaxed.


Cheese Diesel

Are you looking for an energy injection? Look no further than the sativa-dominant Cheese Diesel feminized seeds.The powerful aroma with underlying memorable notes makes it an outstanding toke. 

With over 22% THC content, buds from these sour seeds bring you a mind-bending experience. A puff or two ensures you enjoy waves of euphoria that keep you buzzing for hours.

The variety from Seedsupreme offers a perfect blend of mental and physical effects, leaving you calm and satiated.


OG Kush x Diesel

OG Kush x Diesel feminized seeds produce buds that offer around 20–22% THC. The hit is hard-hitting and occurs swiftly, leaving you on a cloud of bliss after each toke. 

These nugs bring relaxation and tranquility at any time of the day. They induce a rejuvenating energy helping you overcome any slumps. All it takes is two or three puffs to stimulate euphoric and calm sensations—It may even boost your creativity.


Girl Scout Cookies X Sour Diesel

Another top choice is Girl Scout Cookies X Sour Diesel feminized by Seedsupreme. At the end of their flowering cycle, these crops surprise you with eye-catching beauty. They display an array of hues that tempt you to touch them. Before you even harvest them, the buds exude an intense scent of fuel.

The cultivar induces smooth and relaxing effects. Medical tokers claim that its dose of euphoric energy relieves stress and anxiety. On the other hand, recreational users assert that it invigorates your spirit, leaving you ready to take on the day.


Lemon Haze Diesel

The Lemon Haze Diesel feminized strain is in a league of its own. It delivers the distinct gassy aroma of the Diesel family with zesty citrus and light peppery notes. 

The rapid-hitting cultivar brings tranquility to your body and mind. These seeds grow in various environments provided it has a warm climate with moderate humidity levels.


Skunk Diesel

Skunk Diesel auto feminized seeds produce flavorful buds. The strain profile offers gently euphoric head-high and strong body buzz.

Reports show that it helps in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy treatments. Medical users also claim that it’s great for dealing with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. 

The cultivar offers roughly 18–20% THC content and has a flowering time of 8 weeks. The cultivar thrives indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse.


Sour Diesel

Buds from Sour Diesel feminized seeds have mood-boosting qualities that help wash away negative thoughts. With over 20% THC content, the strain packs a punch. It uplifts your spirits and fills you with creative energy. 

Buds have a powerful aroma and flavor profile. Cultivate Sour Diesel feminized seeds for high yields that take around 10 weeks to flower.


CBD Black Diesel

If it’s an award winner you’re after, CBD Black Diesel feminized seeds are a top choice. They require a warm climate for outdoor cultivation and flourish indoors. The cultivar is a favorite for many growers and tokers alike.

Expect a balanced buzz that brings you to a state of complete relaxation and mental calm. They take about 10 weeks to flower, and buds have a THC content of 8% and the same CBD content.


Growing Sour Diesel seeds

Cultivating these strains is a rewarding challenge. Some skills and experience are handy when growing diesel cultivars to help achieve satisfactory results. But, the bountiful harvests make it worthwhile. 

Train the crops from Sour Diesel weed seeds using Low-Stress Training (LST), especially if you have limited indoor space. It gives the plant’s lower buds more light, boosting the yields.


The best climate for Sour D seeds

Diesel seeds offer you decent yields when planted under controlled conditions. Keep the temperatures at 65–85℉, with moderate humidity levels.  

Additionally, ensure the temperatures at night don’t fall by more than 10–15℉. Purchasing a digital thermometer is a worthwhile investment for maintaining these ranges.

Another essential consideration is humidity. 

Levels below 50% too early in the growth process compromise photosynthesis, negatively affecting your yields.  

At the same time, too much moisture can result in bud rot. During the early phases, a range of 55–60% is ideal, with lower levels suiting the flowering stage.

Feeding your plants 

Besides using the best Sour Diesel seeds, understanding the nutrient requirements can make all the difference in your yields. 

The strains have specific feeding needs. Excess nutrients can kill your cannabis plants, while too little leads to deficiencies. 

Providing plants from Diesel seeds with the right supplements facilitates the healthy growth of the roots, leaves, and flowers. The nutrients include:


  • Phosphorus: Essential in bud production
  • Nitrogen: Assists with overall plant development
  • Potassium: Helps with storage of glucose that offers energy for plant growth
  • Calcium: Strengthens cell walls helping the plant fight off bacteria
  • Zinc: Essential for cell growth and formation of cell membranes
  • Iron: Helps in the production of chlorophyll and allows the plants to metabolize essential energy


When is the best time to feed the Sour Diesel seeds? 

Supplementation is vital during the vegging stage. It results in healthy leaves and branches. During the last two weeks of flowering, stop feeding the plants. Instead, flush them to ensure the perfect pH levels.


Flowering and yields 

9–10 weeks is all it takes for most Sour D plants to flower. If you cultivate the plants indoors, consider that they grow to a medium height and ensure adequate space.

A hydroponics setup also offers incredible results, making it an excellent option for indoor growers. Harvest the buds by early November. Yields vary from one strain to another, but the original offers around 15–17 oz./m2 indoors.

Experiencing Sour Diesel seeds

Every aspect of this cultivar is impressive. Sour D seeds boast a classic weed look with green sugar leaves. The aromas and flavors exceed expectations. However, it’s the effects that make this cultivar truly special. All it takes is a couple of tokes for the buzz to hit. 

The energy boost elevates your mood and helps you unwind. You feel a cool cerebral rush that injects positivity and induces euphoria. Although the cultivar is relaxing, the dominant sensation is an energy boost.

Sour D smell and taste

The cultivar has a distinct aroma. You immediately notice the gassy notes even from a distance. Its flavor profile includes some pine, herbs, and zesty citrus that lingers for a while after every puff.

Each variant of the cultivar has a unique twist, but the fuel notes remind you of its true lineage.

Uses of Sour Diesel

The cultivar is ideal for wake and bake or activities that need an energy injection. The strain boosts your enthusiasm and creativity, motivating you to complete tasks you’ve been putting off.

If you’re artistic, a toke or two may give you the inspiration you need to take on a new project. The cultivar is also a favorite for helping users overcome the midday slump.

The strain has a fanbase in medical marijuana circles too. Health tokers report that it helps deal with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Buy the best quality Sour Seeds from Seed Supreme

Sour Seeds are a legend on the 420 scene and offer marijuana lovers unique aromas and a distinct flavor profile. Most varieties have high THC levels that impact the effects. 

It only takes a couple of puffs for the sensations to hit, bringing positivity and energy to both body and mind. The feelings last a couple of hours, giving you a revitalizing boost.

Cultivation is a rewarding challenge; if you’ve got some growing experience, this is definitely a strain worth trying. Looking for the best quality Sour Diesel seeds for sale for a bumper harvest? Check out Seed Supreme to get started on your cannabis seeds for growing today.

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