Skunk Strain


Even in non-cannabis circles, the name is synonymous with high-quality weed. Across much of the UK, it has become a label assigned to more or less all buds of notable potency. It’s a term which has come to apply to the strongest of the strong and evoke instant connotations of euphoric, powerful highs.

Quite an honour, given that the Skunk strain is indeed a breed entirely in its own right.

A perennial favourite since its birth in the seventies, this dank and potent strain has since become the genetic cornerstone of creating innumerable cannabis hybrids throughout the world. The original strain, while not typically testing strong enough to compete with the highest THC strains of some modern-day marvels, averages in the sixteen to twenty percent THC range, with some strains reaching upwards of high twenties.

This vital and independent weed is truly deserving of a spot in the Mary Jane Hall of Fame, generously sharing its powerful properties with all of its children, smokers included!

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Bud Background

Skunk weed owes its lineage to varieties of the Indica Afghani, and sativas Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. When crossbred by the legendary Sam the Skunkman (guess where he got that moniker from?) during the early seventies in California, this potent pot fast became an international sensation.

The original Skunk weed was fabled for the pungent odour reminiscent of its namesake, in the strangest, most intriguingly appealing of ways.

No-one could say no to this powerful, ultra-dank bud, and researchers remain keen on it to this day, actively discovering the medicinal properties of this wonder weed.

skunk paradise bud

To say medical use was the driving factor in the world’s interest, however, would be misleading.

The name stuck in the states and, as the Skunkfather departed for the enlightened shores of the Netherlands, spreading the seeds of his creation, the worldwide popularity of the Skunk cannabis strain exploded.

And while the name and strain may have become somewhat lost in translation over the years, surrendered in the UK to government officials and their tireless, misinformed attacks on cannabis culture, this stinky strain's children remember.

Super Skunk, Northern Lights and Jack Herer are just a handful of this wonder weed's offspring who’ve sprung into the limelight in recent years to continue the legacy. Ever since the Skunkman made his way to Amsterdam, Dutch growers have been refining and crossbreeding this potent strain like blissfully mad scientists with their eyes on the grandest prize.

Fragrance and Flavour

The indomitable Skunk strain is characterised by buds which positively radiate with a strong, earthy musk, offering a pungent, aromatic blend with notable hints of jasmine underscored by other sweet and sour aromas.

This is certainly in the category of cannabis you’ll want to seal away swiftly when discretion is the name of the game.

Despite the implications of being named after one of the vilest smelling creatures on the planet, the potent scent of Skunk weed is one you’ll find yourself craving time and again, especially once the unmistakable flavours hit your palate.

That’s right, Skunk ganja is downright delicious, boasting an astonishingly pleasant taste which combines earthy woodiness with sweet fruitiness.

Skunk cannabis bud


Get yourself ready for an unforgettable combination of euphoric head high meets full-body relaxation.

Also, prepare yourself by having something to drink nearby, because you can expect the dryness of cotton mouth conjured by only the best of weeds. You may even experience a touch of those dry eyes, too, a partnership any cannabis connoisseur knows to cherish with that uncontrollably widening grin.

Skunk cannabis strains

Skunk weed is an unmissable choice for ganja enthusiasts who long for those contemplative, meditative states and bursts of energetic exuberance.

This high-energy buzz has been well known to gift elevated creativity and a chronic case of the munchies, so preparation is absolutely the key to the best possible time when smoking this legendary herb.

Medical Uses of the Skunk Strain

As with many of the big dogs, the medical benefits of this stinky strain range far and wide.

Say goodbye to stress the instant those first few hits take effect. Those suffering physical pain or depression are also in luck when they take a ride on the smelly side.

Much like its siblings in the cannabis collective, Skunk can be beneficial in varying quantities for differing symptoms. Smaller doses are proven aids in combating psychiatric disorders, asthma and glaucoma. Mid-level doses are known soothers of nausea, anorexia and autoimmune diseases, while cranking it up to higher doses can help loosen the limbs and do away with movement problems.

Growing Skunk Cannabis Seeds

Few strains can dethrone this mighty marijuana in terms of its potential for sizable and reliable yields involving minimal effort or skill. This uniquely durable and merciful ganja is happy growing indoors or outdoors, and, here at SeedSupreme, we are proud to stock our shelves with the widest array of modern masterpieces from the Skunk strain.

Each of our Skunk marijuana seeds are carefully hand-selected and approved for outstanding results and your supreme satisfaction.

SeedSupreme Suggestions

For those seeking something truly special from this strain, you simply can't go wrong with Lemon Skunk or Island Sweet Skunk, and never underestimate the pleasure of the Super Skunk. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try the unrivalled Early Skunk Haze, one of our all-time faves!

As always, we highly suggest you seek out our quality autoflower and feminized seeds to give your crop the best chance imaginable.