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With a name like that and origins as mysterious as Area 51, Alien Technology Regular is hands down one of the most intriguing and downright mysterious cannabis strains ever to...

Lights in the Sky

Bud Basics

With a name like that and origins as mysterious as Area 51, Alien Technology Regular is hands down one of the most intriguing and downright mysterious cannabis strains ever to hit the commercial market.

Rumor has it this herb was brought to American soil by a soldier returning from Afghanistan - all we know for sure is this is a 100% Indica strain, with the potential to blast you into the heavens for up to 6 hours.

Interestingly for a strain with zero Sativa composition, Alien Technology is also renowned for stimulating the senses and easing the user into a sense of gentle euphoria. Though the effect is (of course) primarily physical, immediately incapacitating the user for several hours straight.

Famed for both her potency and supremely interesting fragrance and flavor, this herb has lent her genetics to a long list of superstar strains over the years.  Just a few of which include Alien Dawg and Alien Kush - also well worth checking out.

Typically measuring for around 17% THC, Alien Technology Regular demonstrates how you don’t always need a ton of THC to have the desired effect. A few generous tokes of this stuff and you’re more or less out for the count.

Flavor and Fragrance of Alien Technology

Ask 10 different stoners to describe the fragrance and flavor of Alien Technology and you’ll get 10 different descriptions. These buds are not particularly complex on the nose, instead bursting with all the usual earthy and spicy fragrances you’d associate with stellar Skunk. Some say there are hints of cedar or sandalwood when the buds are burned, which become all the more prominent when vaped at a low temperature.

On the palate, this cannabis combines classic dankness and spicy Skunk flavors with an interesting hint of vanilla - all making for a smooth and satisfying experience, with a somewhat sour aftertaste that lingers indefinitely.

It’s actually a very difficult experience to describe, for the simple reason that Alien Technology doesn't taste like any other mainstream strain.

Delicious or not is open to interpretation, but there’s no denying this herb is a completely unique specimen. All adding to the magic and mystery of what’s already a marvelously mysterious strain.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that a strain averaging around 17% THC wouldn’t be particularly potent. In the case of Alien Technology, a little goes a very long way.

Not only is this stuff notoriously incapacitating, but these buds are also known for keeping the ride going for as long as 6 hours. Even with just a couple of modest hits, you’re guaranteed hour after hour of blissful relaxation.

The difference between this herb and other pure Indicas is the gentle cerebral uplift that accompanies the experience. Negative thoughts and bad moods are wiped out instantaneously, the senses are stimulated, and clarity of mind sets in.

You’ll be physically out of action for some time, though with the clear mind and positive attitude needed to enjoy every second of it. The feeling of physical heaviness eventually gives way to sleepiness, making Alien Technology a great choice in the runup to bedtime.

These buds are also renowned for bringing on quite colossal cases of the munchies in record time. Rather than the usual hunger pangs after a couple of hours, this stuff is more likely to have you raiding the fridge after just 30 minutes. It’s therefore advisable to plan ahead, as you’ll have very little time to make the necessary arrangements otherwise!

Firing up all five senses, Alien Technology Regular is fantastic for gaining maximum enjoyment from music, movies, video games and the great outdoors. Though she’s probably best confined to your own garden - venturing too far with this strain doing her thing is pretty much out of the question.

Medical Uses of Alien Technology

Alien Technology offers a surprisingly balanced effect for a pure Indica strain. The high is predominantly physical, but with just enough cerebral ‘punch’ to have you feeling fantastic for the duration.

If you’re feeling lousy for any reason or can’t shift negative thoughts from your mind, a little Alien Technology and you’re right as rain.

Interestingly, this herb can actually eliminate feelings of sleepiness and lethargy for the first half hour or so. This initial boost is short-lived at best, quickly being replaced by a feeling of heaviness and numbness that makes its way through the body.

Despite measuring around 17% THC, Alien Technology can be completely incapacitating when consumed in even moderate quantities.

All of which makes this stuff a great choice for the alleviation of everyday aches and pains, or for more chronic conditions like muscle spasms or fibromyalgia.

Insomnia and poor appetite are also known to respond positively to measured doses of this cannabis. Being moderately high on the THC scale, Alien Technology is unlikely to bring on bouts of paranoia or mind-race, making this stuff a solid choice for medicinal users with a low THC tolerance.

Growing Alien Technology Regular Seeds

The mystery and speculation surrounding the origins of Alien Technology make this hybrid one of the most deeply satisfying strains to grow at home.

As this strain originates from a region with a consistently warm and sunny climate, that’s exactly what you’ll need if you plan on growing her outdoors. Unless it’s constantly around 23°C or thereabouts, you’ll need to set up an indoor grow space.

Alien Technology is a relatively robust and resilient specimen, which isn’t particularly susceptible to mold, rot, pest infestation or common plant diseases. Humidity levels need to be kept around 40% for the best possible results, while the odd trim here and there will ensure adequate air circulation.

Give your plants everything they need and you could be looking at around 500g of potent weed after a short eight-week flowering period.

As these beauties are renowned for producing exceptionally sticky and resinous flowers, they’re great for the production of DIY concentrates and extracts.

This being the regular version of Alien Technology, you will be looking at an approximate 50/50 split of male and female plants. Perfect if you’re looking to create your own hybrids, otherwise it’s simply a case of plucking the males out of your crop at the right time.


The magic and mystery of Alien Technology only adds to the incredible appeal of these buds. There’s something uniquely satisfying about a superstar strain with unknown origins.  Something that counts double when you grow your own.

This stuff combines everything you’d expect from a fantastic pure-Indica with the gentle cerebral uplift and mood-boost of quality Sativa. It’s a primarily physical experience that’s almost always incapacitating, but never to such an extent as to become disconcerting.

An enjoyable evening strain and the perfect pick for a long list of medical applications, Alien Technology makes a worthy addition to any stash box or medicine cabinet.

More Information
Strain IconsRegular
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)