If you always figured that hydroponic growing was some kind of madcap alternative to the conventional suitable only for those with advanced science degree, think again. These days, more amateurs and professionals alike than ever before are making the switch to hydroponic growing and wondering how they ever got by beforehand. Indeed, it’s really not until you make the switch personally that you can gain full understanding of just how advantageous this proactive approach to growing can be.  

So for those in need of a gentle nudge in the right direction, here’s a quick rundown of 10 undeniable reasons to make the switch to hydroponic growing right now:

First of all, the fact that hydroponic growing means no soil is involved means there’s none of the usual getting dirty and grubby while carrying out your gardening duties.

And as it is a fantastically clean and orderly growing technique, it is perfectly suited to the great indoors. Needless to say, the immediate benefits of growing indoors is that of not exposing your plants to the unpredictable elements outside.

The biggest bonus of all when it comes to growing with hydroponics is the way in which plants grow faster and produce much more impressive yields. Whatever it is you plan to grow, you will get more of it and a lot quicker – it is as simple as that.

Generally speaking, hydroponic plants use in the region of 35% less water than traditional soil-grown plants. As such, it is a genuinely environmentally friendly approach to growing.

It’s also worth remembering that harvesting can be an absolute joy when it comes to hydroponic gardening – your indoor garden is right there in front of you and anything that is ripe for the picking can be picked at your convenience.

Another significant bonus of growing indoors in such a controlled environment is the way in which it drastically reduces the likelihood of insect infestation and damage. Your plants will also be less prone to developing disease.

Unless you specifically set out to grow them yourself, it is extremely unlikely that you will face any problems with weeds. There is simply no place for opportunity for weeds to grow and summarily give you a hard time in the process.

Something else that’s great about hydroponic growing is that if you get yourself set-up with a high quality system, it is perfectly possible to automate most daily duties. Which in turn means that if you intend to go away for a while (or simply cannot be bothered tending to your garden every day) you can have a machine take over on your behalf!

Also worth bearing in mind is the fact that with hydroponic growing, you can grow quite literally anything you want at any time of the year. The seasons and the weather have no bearing whatsoever on your growing exploits, meaning total freedom of choice.

Last but not least, it’s really not until you get into hydroponic growing for the first time that you realise how genuinely enjoyable and satisfying it can be. It’s not to say that the same cannot be said for outdoor growing, it’s just that hydroponics are so much less labour intensive and deliver far better results from minimal input.


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