Getting high is great…but not quite as great as getting high and doing stuff. There can’t be a committed stoner on the planet that hasn’t deliberately experimented with a whole bunch of everyday activities after getting ripped, just to see how much better they are. And while some of the obvious entries might come across as cliché…well, you’ll only know how true they are once you’ve given them a go!


So if you’re looking for something to do while doing what you love to do this weekend, here’s our own personal top ten things that go really, really well with weed:  


  1. Coffee
    The blessed bean is a truly lovely product of mother nature. A nice coffee and a joint is perhaps one of the best ways to start a relaxing day. In fact, it sets you up quite nicely for the rest of this list! If you're going to drink coffee however, do it right. Make your coffee using the best coffeemaker and the best beans. Use the best weed and the best papers, don't sell yourself short.

  2. Gaming
    There are some good games to play when high, which is a topic for another post. Online gaming in general though is great at taking your focus and carrying your high through nicely. Anything with a bit of fantasy can be mind-blowing and the epic multiplayer action of GTA Online is self-explanatory. Playing some of the best online slots can be hypnotic and good fun if you're careful. Watch out for puzzle games though, as these can go either way.

  3. Another Joint
    Some big tokers need more than one joint so of course, an obvious accompaniment to a joint would be: another joint! While you’ve got the opportunity to do so, it just makes good sense to sit back, relax, take it easy and double your pleasure. Why not, but remember moderation is the key to enjoying anything.

  4. A Book
    Some people might disagree with this one, but we love to read when high. Not all of it goes in, but sometimes new information "pops out" and the high allows you to take a different experience from a good book. Fiction, especially sci-fi is great to read when smoking.

  5. A Jog
    If you haven't already, try going for a run when high. Not a heavy run, but a pleasant jog. Cover some distance too, a couple of miles can sail by when high and you tend to be better and keeping focus with single tasks like this with cannabis taken beforehand.

  6. A Swim
    Health and safety? Well, we’re not talking about getting so baked you end up thinking you can breathe underwater here. Swimming while high can be one of the most mind-blowing experiences you’ll ever try your hand at. Ideally in a pool that’s not packed to the rafters with screaming kids, of course. Open your eyes underwater for a seriously cool show!

  7. A Crossword
    Ok, so crossword puzzles might not leap out at you as stoner 101, but we highly recommend you give it a try. You might want to think about going for something a bit on the easy side – assuming you’re not already a seasoned crossword genius. These bad boys have a habit of being cryptic enough at the best of times – it’s a whole new ball game while high!

  8. Eating
    To be honest, this would probably be a contender for the number-one position in anyone’s mind. We’re not just talking about the munchie-satisfying junk-food-bender here either. There’s really no kind of food, eating or cooking experience that isn’t way more awesome while high. Bake something awesome, cook something extravagant or treat yourself a completely OTT dinner out. Whatever you do, you’ll be glad you did it.

  9. Art
    No interest in art? Find modern art about as thrilling as cold toast? Well, give it a try after a few tokes and you might find yourself looking at things a little differently. We’re not suggesting that all artists come up with their masterpieces while on drugs. But what we are saying is that you might well see the world more like they see it after a generous smoking session.

  10.  Sex
    Last but not least, it might not be accurate to call sex on weed a pleasure as it’s probably the ultimate pleasure by a huge margin. Even if it all feels a bit weird and clumsy given your mental and physical state, as soon as you get into the swing of things you’ll no doubt wonder why you’ve been wasting your life doing anything else!
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