There are occasions when the ceremony of smoking cannabis is more important than getting high as a kite. Rather than bombarding your body with THC and ending incapable of speech, you’d prefer to enjoy a relaxing, leisurely and lengthy session. Both alone and in social situations, it’s not always about maximum THC and who can get highest.

This is where the magic of session strains holds its appeal. Strains with a comparatively low THC concentration and higher levels of CBD often take a backseat to their more potent counterparts. However, there are so many instances where a steady and controllable high is preferable to going nuts.

With this in mind, here’s a brief overview of seven session strains you can enjoy indefinitely, without getting too wasted:


A legendary strain in medical cannabis circles, ACDC boasts a huge CBD concentration of up to 15%. There’s little to no THC in there, meaning you can smoke as much of it as you like, and you aren’t going to get baked.Nevertheless, it has an exceptionally enjoyable fragrance and flavour profile, creating a satisfying smoke you can’t help but love. An excellent choice as a session strain and for inexperienced cannabis users alike.

Agent Orange

Line yourself up with a potent batch of Agent Orange and you could indeed be in for quite the night. THC concentrations can go as high as 16%, though often linger around the 10% mark. In any case, Agent Orange is the quintessential example of a slow builder. The effects come on extremely gradually in a controlled and enjoyable manner, making it a strain to enjoy for hours on end. The sweet-citrus flavour profile of Agent Orange is also a real crowd pleaser.

Berry White

It’s a similar story with Berry White, which packs a decent amount of THC (around 15%) but is nonetheless a gradual creeper. It may be a little on the heavy side for low-tolerance users to smoke as a session strain, but could be just the ticket for more experienced users. The high combines a sense of deep physical relaxation with complete contentment and optimism.


Beautifully balanced and downright delicious, Cannatonic typically contains significantly less THC than CBD. In the average batch, say around 10% CBD to 5% THC. This means that while Cannatonic will deliver that quintessential cannabis buzz, the potency of the high is calmed and counteracted by the CBD.This is the kind of strain that even first-timers can enjoy passing around for hours on end.

God’s Gift

The average batch of God’s Gift packs a THC content in the region of 15%, making it more than potent enough to catch the uninitiated off guard. Nevertheless, it also brings on the kind of mellow and relaxing high that never goes over the line. God’s Gift has a fragrance and flavour profile bursting with hash, which adds something enticing and exotic to the experience.


Famed for producing some of the most beautiful flowers of any cannabis strain, Harlequin usually contains around twice as much CBD as THC. Let’s say, 8% CBD to 4% THC in the average batch. This makes it an exceptionally popular strain in medical cannabis circles, along with a solid choice for THC-sensitive users who prefer a mild and balanced buzz.


Last but not least, Jillybean’s 15% average THC content is more than enough to bring on a pretty elevated buzz. Nevertheless, it’s also associated with the kind of all-smiles high that’s perfect for social situations. Consumed in measured quantities, Jillybean can be the perfect strain for even the longest sessions.

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