420 is rolling around again, and it's time to get excited about smoking all day and vegging out on the couch. To enjoy the perfect stoned session, you'll need the best of the best when it comes to weed to celebrate in style. 

With so many options to buy cannabis online, it can be a little overwhelming and challenging to choose the right strain. 

Well, we've got a way to make your 420 even more chilled and have done the hard work for you. Check out our top 9 list of strains to indulge in as weed lovers worldwide unite and rejoice in their favorite pastime this April 20th.


What is 420, and how did it begin?

Before we delve into the ultimate marijuana strains, we're going to answer one of the biggest questions surrounding this momentous occasion: How did 420 originate?

It all began back in the '70s when five high schoolers in California would meet up at 4:20 pm once a week to search for a weed plant that a US Coast Guard member supposedly left behind somewhere in a forest, although they never found the patch. 

Despite not being successful in their quest for the cannabis plant, the code they used turned into a celebration of one of Mother Nature's best creations forevermore.


9 best strains for 420


Best strains for 420

Now you know what 420 is, let's take a look at the most popular strains for all types of weed smokers. Whether you like to enjoy a buzz and stay active or get high and enjoy some couch slouch time, there's something for you on our list.

Without further ado, here are the 9 best strains for 420.


OG Kush

No 420 would be complete without a bit of Kush, and this is one of the best. OG Kush is one of the most famous marijuana strains in history and will put you in the perfect euphoric, happy mood to make the most of April 20th. 

Expect some citrus, diesel, and spicy flavors as you enjoy a hit and the relaxed and sleepy feelings that take over your body. Don't overdo it, or you might spend the entire day locked to the couch.


Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is a well-loved hybrid with some super potent effects that's a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. Will it be the best weed you ever smoked? It could be.

You'll get to enjoy a euphoric and upbeat high that makes this breed perfect for social occasions. If you're going to spend 420 with company, this cannabis strain needs to be on your list.


Gorilla Glue #4

This sticky weed breed has a huge fan base and is one of the most popular strains on the market. Gorilla Glue #4 boasts THC levels of up to 30, and many consider it to be the most potent breed in the entire world

If you're looking for something powerful on April 20th, this hybrid will give it to you. You'll experience a strong body high and extreme relaxation. Perhaps save this one for later in the day unless you want to spend all day in 'the zone.'


White Widow

White Widow is another of the most famous hybrids and common weed strains around, born and bred in the Netherlands. For those of you who love a psychedelic session, you'll get it with this hazy hash. 

You'll feel friendly and overly talkative, so enjoy it with friends. This sociable strain is likely to be making 420 lists for years to come, so make sure you give it a try.


Grandaddy Purple

The classic Grandaddy Purple strain will melt you into your seat and put you into long-lasting sedation. It makes for the ideal nightcap after a weed-filled 420.

Enjoy the delightful grapey aromas of the violet buds as it wafts into the air when you light up. The calming nature of this strain will send you to bed, and you'll stay there until your alarm buzzes in the morning. 


Green Crack

If you struggle to get going in the morning, let Green Crack give you the coffee-like buzz you need. You'll be focused and clear-headed. If you're going to work this 420, this strain will get your day off to an excellent start. 

This breed is perfect for party-goers as it'll keep them going all night. In fact, many believe Snoop Dogg himself named the strain. Enjoy an energizing euphoric uplift with Green Crack in your hand. 


9 Best Strains to Indulge in for 420


Sour Diesel

Here we have another of the most common weed strains and with good reason. Sour Diesel is the perfect choice for the stoners who prefer a stimulating buzz rather than being stuck on the couch all day. 

This is one of the top daytime weed strains and will hit you with its fuel-like aroma, hence the name. The 22 percent THC makes this breed pretty potent and is the ideal way to kick off your 420 festivities.


Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a long-time favorite of marijuana smokers and is one of our most popular strains of weed to indulge in this April 20th. It's a beautiful hybrid that's an excellent choice for almost any occasion.

Expect an exhilarating mellow high that'll chill you out beyond belief. You'll be treated to berry and earthy aromas as you inhale this strain. If you want to buy cannabis seeds and grow your own for 420, this breed is perfect for beginners.


Jack Herer

Last, but by no means least, is the Jack Herer strain. It's another of the most famous weed strains in the Sativa family, along with Sour Diesel, and will allow you to enjoy an upbeat and fun 420.

You'll get a stimulating mental high and feel slightly relaxed throughout your body. The lemon-pine scents make for a refreshingly alert experience that can help you make it through the day at work or give you a buzz when out with friends in the evening. 


Ways to celebrate 420

Now you know the best cannabis strains for the ultimate baked April 20th, you might be wondering how to make the most of this all-about-weed-day. A few of our favorite ways to chill with Mary J are:

  • Try cooking with weed and see what tasty creations you come up with. 
  • Gift your fellow marijuana-loving friends a special cannabis-themed present.
  • Watch a weed film or documentary together on the couch and sink in with some snacks as you're lifted onto the clouds.
  • Get out your beloved bong and put on some of your favorite stoner tunes.
  • Enjoy our list of fun facts about cannabis with your stoner friends.


Fun facts about marijuana

Still not had enough of reading about our beloved Mary J? Check out our fun facts that'll wow you and your friends while you enjoy the best strains for 420.

  • The most weed ever smoked featured in the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records, and, at that time, was 115,000 joints by a guy named Rosenfeld. We can only imagine what number he's up to now and if he ever gets off the couch!
  • Beer and cannabis are related. That's right. The hops that you use to make beer are in the same family as weed.
  • Although he called it hemp, founding father George Washington grew marijuana on Mount Vernon. 
  • There are more recreational cannabis dispensaries than Starbucks in Colorado. 
  • Bob Marley, one of the most famous stoners in history and loved worldwide, is buried with a cannabis bud. Let's hope he's kicking back with a fat joint wherever he is now. 
  • If you're a Rastafarian in Italy, you can legally possess weed as it's a religious sacrament. Jah-men!
  • In 2013, Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana growth, sale, and consumption. Fancy a vacation, anyone?
  • North Korea doesn't even classify cannabis as a drug, and it's completely legal. 

Make the most of this 420

Now you know some of the most popular weed names and how they affect you, you'll be able to make the best choice this April 20th. 

Suppose you've got the whole day to celebrate the green queen. In that case, we recommend enjoying uplifting and energizing marijuana strains in the daytime and opting for a couch-locking breed in the evening

Unless you're hitting the town, in this case, stick to the buzzy breeds to help you make it through till dawn. 

Whatever you get up to this 420, we hope you enjoy some of the best weed you ever smoked and get to try out a variety of these quality cannabis strains.

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