One of the biggest problems with those who oppose medical cannabis legalisation is the fact that they’ve clearly never dealt with the human face of it personally. 


Let’s put it this way – if the young son or daughter of a cannabis critic was terminally ill and could only be treated using a medical marijuana by-product of some kind, would they sit there and watch them suffer? Would they continue to campaign against something that had been categorically proven as able to provide safe and effective relief.


The answer…of course they wouldn’t.


Which is why it’s particularly tragic to hear of cases like that of the Dingley family. Given the fact that the United Kingdom is still so pathetically behind the times in terms of its own medical cannabis policy, the family has no choice but to move to the Netherlands, in order to provide their epileptic son with the medical cannabis he desperately needs.


If they were to obtain and use the same treatment in the United Kingdom, they would face prosecution.


Five-year-old Alfie is suspected to be one of only five people in the world with one of the most severe and dangerous forms of epilepsy currently known to man. He was diagnosed with the condition before his first birthday, which has the potential to cause literally hundreds of seizures every single day. Despite having been proven as effective in other countries, the medical cannabis oil the family needs to help prevent and reduce the severity of Alfie’s seizures is illegal in the United Kingdom.


To such an extent that even if they use it specifically for medical purposes and only in their own home, they could be jailed.


Devoted parents jailed for trying to do what’s best for their seriously ill son.  And that’s what the United Kingdom calls a fair and sensible cannabis policy.


“Alfie is deeply affected by the drugs he is given. The IV steroids Alfie takes when he has a cluster of seizures have serious side effects. They are toxic and cause him to be very aggressive,” Alfie’s mum told reporters, now looking after her son fulltime having been forced to leave her job in the travel industry.


“We have done a lot of research into whole plant medical cannabis and have found many parents around the world who are using it effectively to either reduce or stop very aggressive seizures.”


According to the current classification of cannabis products like these in the United Kingdom, she could face up to 14 years in prison for providing Alfie with the medicine he needs.


“This is an absurd situation,” she added.


“We are having to move to a new country to get treatment which could transform Alfie’s life.”


On a global basis, experts are heralding the potentially miraculous properties of various forms of medical cannabis, when it comes to the treatment of epilepsy.  Along with being diagnosed with the extremely rare PCDH19 form of the condition, Alfie also has learning disabilities and now misses most schooling due to his daily seizures.


“It’s been very traumatic couple of years for us as a family, but we are willing to do absolutely anything it takes for him to be well,” his mum said.


So once again, you have to wonder whether medical cannabis critics at any level would have the same opinions if one of their own kids were suffering to the same extent as Alfie. Bearing in mind that what we’re talking about here is a tried, tested and fundamentally safe natural treatment, which has been working wonders for patients all over the world for some time. In an era where doctors are begging governments to rethink their approach to medical cannabis yet governments seem to think they know best, situations like these are of course tragic, but hardly surprising.




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