Let’s just get the biggest point out there first of all – big and glorious buds don’t just happen by accident…never have and never will. Quite to the contrary in fact, it’s one of those familiar instances in which you only ever get out what you put in. But at the same time, what you put in counts just as much as how much of it you put in – banging your head against a brick wall for months on end won’t get you far believe it or not.


If you’re out to produce the kinds of buds you won’t have to hide or lie about, you need to be willing to follow a few rules. Yes, you can come up with something smoke-worthy with a pretty random approach, but if you’re really out to get your hand on the kinds of results you’d normally be willing to pay for, the following seven steps to heavenly harvests might just come in handy:

1 – Start at Square One

The old cliché of learning how to crawl before sprinting for the finish line is as annoying as it is valid…especially in this instance. Basically, if you’re not willing to first master the ins and outs of growing at a fundamental level, you won’t learn the essentials you’ll be needing to take things to a higher level. More often than not it’s the silliest rookie mistakes that prevent buds from reaching their full potential, so until you know what these are and how to avoid them, chances are you’ll end up making them. One step at a time – the result will be worth the effort.

2 – Invest in Stellar Seeds

Trying to grow the best buds on Earth with low-grade seeds is a bit like trying to make a lobster risotto armed with stale bread and Marmite. Suffice to say, it just isn’t going to happen. There’s a good reason certain seeds are in higher demand than others and some providers tend to charge more than a few pennies for theirs – the buds they’ll deliver are the best of the best. Cut corners with seeds and no matter how much work you put in, you’ll still be effectively polishing the proverbial…you know.

3Focus on Humidity

Temperatures and lighting tend to be the two biggest, or even exclusive, focuses for newcomers and amateurs – neither of which will steer you in the right direction without the ideal humidity. Vegetative stages call for higher humidity to keep salt at an acceptable level – anything less than about 40% and you’re looking at a huge problem. Chances are that what you thought was a sign of heat stress was in fact down to your humidity levels, so be sure to give it due focus. That being said, in the final two to three weeks of flowering you could really do with the lowest humidity levels possible – think about investing in a dehumidifier to give things a real kick in the right direction.

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4 – If Possible, Grow From Cuttings

Try your luck at growing right from seeds and you face a million and one more potential pitfalls than had you gone straight ahead with a cutting. Of course it’s not always possible…or indeed legal…to get hold of a world-class cutting as folk aren’t in the habit of giving their prize assets away. But if this is an option, it’s one you should be taking. Just for the record at this point, any signs of anything untoward disease-wise should be enough to trigger fast and full isolation of any plants that look to be affected. Any nasties passed over to your other plants, even on the smallest of scales, will have a big impact on your buds.

5 – Correct and Consistent Temperatures

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of creating and maintaining the ideal room temperature – not just assuming things feel ‘about ok’. It’s a pretty precise balancing act to pull off and one that takes time, effort and investment – all of which will pay off in the end. During flowering stages, temperatures should be kept between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day and then reduced by about 5 degrees during the night. There are certain strains that thrive on much cooler temperatures right toward the end of the flowering stages, but in any and all cases, consistency really is key. Poor temperature control can lead to outright bud rot, or if nothing else, buds you won’t be happy with.

6 – Ventilation and Airflow

Your buds need air to breathe and quite simply won’t get anywhere unless they get a ton of the stuff. This comes alongside the importance of balancing temperature, humidity and so on and so forth, which makes the whole trick an even trickier one to get right. If you’re planning to go any bigger than say three plants, you’re going to have to accept the fact that a simple room fan isn’t going to do the trick. And if you’re trying to grow in a room with no windows or ventilation whatsoever, you’ll again have to make do with amateurish-results.

7 – Live By the Book

Last up, no matter what level you’re at…or at least think you’re at…as a grower, never fall into the trap of assuming you know it all. You don’t…and you never will. We’re still finding out so many new tips, tricks and insights every day into how weed growing can be improved and what makes for killer buds, so it’s more than worth keeping up with the latest news and developments. Become part of an active online community and you’ll find yourself privy to more trade secrets than you ever knew existed.

In Summary

Like we said at the beginning – top-quality buds don’t happen by accident but are a product of hard work, plenty of involvement and knowledge of what it is that adds up to the good stuff.


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