Ask some and they’ll tell you nothing on earth makes them hornier than weed. By contrast, others insist it has the exact opposite effect.

Connections between cannabis and heightened sexual enjoyment are nothing new. Weed (and THC products in general) have been used as aphrodisiacs for generations. But is there any science to back this curious connotation?

If so, what’s the best way of using cannabis as an aphrodisiac or sexual enhancement product?


The Appeal of Cannabis as a Sex Aid 

Exactly what you stand to get out of cannabis as a sex aid depends on a whole bunch of variables. Ask 100 people what is about weed they love as a sexual enhancement product and you’ll probably get 100 different answers.

Nevertheless, the appeal of cannabis as a sex aid lies primarily in the following:

  • Reduction of inhibitions and the confidence to experiment
  • Generally improved confidence in personal capabilities
  • Enhanced physical sensation from head to toe
  • The ability to bond and connect on a deeper level
  • A heightened libido and sexual appetite in general
  • The ability to last longer in bed (reported by many male users)
  • More explosive orgasms


In which case, the whole thing is something of a no-brainer. If there’s a 100% organic product that can offer all of the above, why isn’t everyone using it?

The answer – it’s all about the way cannabis has different effects on different people. Not to mention, the way in which different cannabis strains have entirely different effects.


Individual Reactions to Cannabis

In a typical setting, five people consuming exactly the same quantity of the same cannabis strain may have five entirely different experiences. 

For example, a heavy-Sativa strain with a high THC content can be energizing, uplifting and motivating for some. For others, the same strain could result in uncomfortable nervous energy and push the individual towards panic or paranoia.

Precisely why cannabis isn’t considered a particularly effective aphrodisiac by everyone. 

In addition, strain choice can make a big difference. For obvious reasons, a pure-Indica strain with a face-melting THC content of 28% is more likely to knock you out than make you horny. Something with a more moderate THC content and balanced genetics being a better choice for getting you in the mood. 


Getting it Right Before Getting it on

Unsurprisingly, little to no formal scientific research has been carried out into the sex-enhancing properties of weed. It’s not what you’d call a priority for the scientific community, so is mostly a subject based on anecdotal accounts. 

This therefore means that bringing weed into the bedroom is as much about experimentation as anything else. Though evidence (anecdotal once again) suggests a few common-sense strategies could help make things go with a bang…pun intended. 

For example, most of those who get horny just thinking about cannabis insist that sticking with Sativa-heavy strains with a generous THC content is the way to go. Which makes sense, as these are the kinds of strains that dissolve inhibitions, boost confidence and fire you up with a sense of energy and motivation. They also tend to be the more ‘creative’ strains – creativity being just the thing to spice things up between the sheets.

In addition, it’s worth remembering that weed only works in the bedroom when both (or all) participants are in on the act. It’s pointless for just one of you to be high as a kite and firing on all cylinders, if other person simply isn’t feeling it.

Last up, sensible moderation holds the key to striking the right balance. Rather than diving in at the deep end, it’s far better to try spicing things up with just a tiny bit of weed and taking things from there. And if you’re experimenting with edibles, don’t forget you’ll need a good hour or so (even two) for it to start doing its thing.

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