Cannabis Changing the World…
My Fellow Growers;
I believe we now live in a time of great transition, one where the above statement is barely in need of justification. Cannabis IS changing the world, and its changing it in miraculously impactful ways every day. It’s the miracle plant that can cure cancer and more. It’s a super food, a potential savior of global forests, and messiah of the global fuel shortage. I don’t know of any cash-crop on the earth that is more versatile, dynamic or economically viable. I also don’t know of another bountifully available, natural, renewable resource that is flat out banned in nearly every corner of the world. That however, IS changing, and the change is one that is constantly gaining momentum.

Cannabis lovers: we are succeeding. Every day, the US government and its allies are losing ground in the senseless war on marijuana. Every time one mindless devotee educates themselves on the multiple beneficial applications of cannabis, every time a hopeful, terminally ill patient lights up for the first time, we are one step closer to the freedom our forefathers used to enjoy. Every time friends pack their bowl for two, every time fathers and grandfathers pass down their knowledge to the next generation, we march ever closer to our destination in history.
In many US states and a few countries around the world, sick children now have hope in hemp. Children, who suffer from diseases once thought to be untreatable, or barely manageable, are now finding relief and more improved quality of life in medical grade cannabis products than was ever possible with tailored pharmaceuticals. Anyone who has ever met one of these precious children and seen the difference that these plants make is changed forever in a moment. The moment when you know you would move mountains to keep these little ones from ever having to return to their cage of despair.
Study after study concludes that the benefits of marijuana are ever expanding, from being able to treat certain types of diabetes, to curing certain cancers, and affectively treating epilepsy. Science shows us that cannabis has a multitude of compounds that serve medical purposes; the six main compounds are THC, THCU, CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG. All of which can treat many different issues, and individually, can better treat many medical problems when in greater concentration i.e. strains that are bread to have higher levels of cbd’s and lower thc.

Cannabis can do much more than just cure and treat ailments that the pharmaceutical industry still can’t deal with. It’s amazingly clear that we are subjects of nature, and merely stewards of the Earth, and that we really aren’t as clever as our governments would have many believe. Cannabis has the ability to change the world in more ways still. The THC depleted variety of cannabis called Hemp can cure our sick ecosystems and our floundering economies as well.
Hemp produces what some scientists call the perfect food. Hemp hearts and hemp oil, both products of hemp seed produce a perfect ratio of fats to fatty acids, are high in fiber, many vitamins and are loaded with protein. This super food can help those with high cholesterol, blood pressure problems, and reduce risk of heart attack and stroke. It is far more useful and helpful to the body than fish oil or flaxseed, and is just as good for livestock as it is for humans. Hemp can also produce quality cordage that doesn’t rely on the plastics that the petroleum industries produce such as nylon or polyester.
Industrial hemp products can replace our dependency on petroleum oil and our arbor (tree) forests. Hemp pulp can produce paper and also be compressed to create building material. There are companies in both the US and France notably, that can build entire houses using hemp products for everything but the windows.

It really is incredible, oh and I can forget to tell you, one acre of industrial hemp can produce the same amount of raw material as 4 acres of trees. Insane right? How about the fact that the oil produced by the hemp plant and seed can be refined to produce high grade ethanol gasoline that could easily replace traditional gasoline? That the canna-oil can also be refined to produce plastic products even more durable that petroleum plastics?

 Cannabis can knock out most of the problems that humanity faces these days. The high amounts of oxygen that cannabis and hemp can produce can help reverse the damage done to our atmosphere and ozone layers by raising amounts of CO2 and carbon dioxide. One more interesting fact is that hemp and cannabis help to enrich the soil and aerate it, whilst other cash crops ruin and deplete the soil.

It’s unfortunate that our governments refuse to see the benefit that science has so clearly provided. Any modern man or woman can see the great potential of this wonderfully forgotten plant. Things are changing with greater momentum now more than they ever have in the past. Entire governments are trying to outright legalize and utilize cannabis, businessmen, notable doctors and politicians are publicly endorsing its use both medically and recreationally. It truly is a matter of time, but we all still need to come together as much as we can in support of our favorite weed. Become more open about your use of it with people who are close to you who may not know about your use, such as family or friends. Start to vote (if you haven’t already) and sign petitions, get active in the name of our favorite green. Don’t let the change plateau or fade, become one of many and help cannabis change the world. Keep Growing
-T.B. Green

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