Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Illinois?

Is it better to grow indoors or outdoors in Illinois?

Where’s the best place to buy cannabis seeds in Illinois?

The future is green in Illinois


The Prairie State first dipped its feet into the Green Wave in 2018 by permitting the consumption of medicinal cannabis for patients. Illinois proudly became the 11th US state to fully succumb to the Green Wave and legalized recreational weed in 2020.

 You can buy weed for consumption, but you may be wondering if it’s legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Illinois. If you want to know the answers, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about buying marijuana seeds in Illinois.

We’ll look at the climate of Illinois and determine if it’s better to grow your weed indoors or outdoors. We’ll show you the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Illinois. You’ll also discover our recommendations for the best cannabis strains to grow in the Prairie State.


Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Illinois?

Chances are high Illinoisans have googled the question ‘is weed legal in Illinois?’ in the last several years. Although there are some restrictions, we know the answer will delight you.

It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in the Prairie State. You can buy marijuana seeds in Illinois from medicinal dispensaries. There’s also a boom in recreational establishments opening up since Illinois passed legislation into law.


Cannabis Seeds in Illinois


You can purchase weed seeds from online cannabis seed banks like Seed Supreme. You’ll love browsing through extensive collections of marijuana variants. High-quality marijuana seeds can be delivered quickly, conveniently, and discreetly to your door.

Regarding the cultivation of cannabis seeds in Illinois, it depends on whether you’re a medicinal user or a recreational user.

If you’re a recreational consumer, you can keep the seeds as souvenirs or collect them.   

Although weed consumption is now legal in Illinois, you can’t grow cannabis plants for recreational use. The Prairie State still has strict laws regarding personal cultivation.

Medicinal patients are permitted to grow their cannabis plants in Illinois. If you carry a medical card, you can germinate up to five weed seeds on your property. You must keep your marijuana plants out of sight from public view, and it’s better if you cultivate your cannabis crop indoors.

If the state grants you a cultivation license, you produce marijuana for medicinal and recreational dispensaries. Only permitted growing centers may cultivate cannabis seeds in Illinois for commercial sale and distribution.


Is it better to grow indoors or outdoors in Illinois?

If you are a medical patient, you can grow five marijuana crops in Illinois. However, you can’t cultivate your cannabis plants outdoors. You must keep them hidden away, in an enclosed space that’s securely locked.


Cannabis seeds in Illinois


You can grow your cannabis seeds in Illinois inside your property. Ensure they are kept away from windows and hidden from street view. If there are minors in your household, you must secure your growth space at all times.

As a result, it’s better to grow your marijuana crop indoors in Illinois and abide by the state laws. Even if it were legal to grow outdoors, the weather would provide many challenges. We’ll now look at the climate conditions in Illinois below and determine the best strains to grow in Illinois.


What are the climate conditions in Illinois?

The majority of Illinois has a humid continental climate. Summers are hot and muggy, and winters are windy and extremely cold. Illinoisans consider fall and spring to be the most pleasant seasons in the year. Spring would be the ideal time to plant your cannabis seeds in Illinois.

Illinois humid and sticky summer weather is a result of warm air arriving from the Gulf of Mexico. Plants and wet soil also release moisture into the air, amplifying the humidity in the air. It could be challenging to grow weed crops outdoors in the Prairie state if legal to do so.

If you could grow your medicinal cannabis outdoors, you’ll find sativa variants adapt to humid conditions better than indica strains. Indicas have heavy, dense buds that can be prone to developing mold. You may find it hard to grow them outside in Illinois summers.


Discover the best strains to grow in Illinois

If you have a medicinal license to grow five cannabis plants indoors, you may be wondering what pot strains are the best. We did some research for medical cardholders in Illinois to determine what weed seeds would be the best.


best strains to grow in Illinois


The following are our top three recommendations for the best marijuana seeds in Illinois for indoor growing:

  • Durban Poison seeds: With up to 24% THC levels, it’s easy to see why Durban Poison is a favorite among cannabis users. These feminized seeds are easy to grow and thrive with an indoor hydroponics setup. Medicinal patients report that Durban Poison helps aid anxiety, stress, and chronic back and muscle pains.
  • Blue Dream seeds: Blue Dream is one of the most renowned medicinal strains available to buy. It helps with so many ailments, and beginners can easily grow this weed variant. Illinoisans will enjoy harvesting high indoor yields when cultivating Blue Dream indoors.   
  • Sour Diesel seeds: Sour Diesel delights medicinal users with its uplifting sativa effects and high THC content. These feminized pot seeds thrive indoors using a Sea of Green growing technique. They require very little maintenance, flower within ten weeks, and provide yields of up to 1.6oz. per sq ft.   


Where’s the best place to buy cannabis seeds in Illinois?

If you’re wondering how to buy marijuana seeds in Illinois, you’ll find so many options available to you.

You can commute to medicinal and recreational dispensaries in your locality. You can also purchase from online seed banks for fast, discreet deliveries straight to your residence.

Medical cardholders can buy some of the best, high-quality cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme. Illinoisans will find everything they need here, from many medicinal weed seeds to high CBD weed seeds.

Find the best marijuana seeds in Illinois to suit your ailments and have fun browsing. You won’t be disappointed.


The future is green in Illinois

Illinois has come a long way in a short time since legalizing medicinal marijuana in 2018. The Prairie State has embraced the Green Wave, and the future looks bright.

It’s only a matter of time before Illinois permits cultivation for recreational users. Currently, it’s still illegal, but we have high hopes for Illinoian cannabis enthusiasts looking to indulge in weed growing.

Hold tight, and keep up to date with the current news as Illinois constantly reviews its laws. You’ll never know. In a year or two, you may be purchasing cannabis seeds in Illinois for your recreational stash.

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