Cannabis Seeds- Pick Yo’ Mix!!!

What’s up Ganja Guardians? Do you know what I love? Seeds. I know the coolest new thing in cannabis cultivation is growing with clones, but( shh, keep it a secret) I don’t like them. Don’t get me wrong here amigos, I know good bud is good bud; but I personally don’t think that clones are as strong as seed grown plants. That’s a personal opinion. I also like the fact that they are all natural, no human manipulation. I’m kind of hippie when it comes to all natural, organic produce even when its cannabis. Cloning has been around for quite a few centuries but as far as weed goes, it really grabbed the mainstream’s attention after the legalization of medical marijuana in many states and countries. So, I know cloning is a practice with heritage, but I still prefer seeds in my garden. I’m cool with each plant being slightly different, because I know that if you give your ganja good, tender, love and care while they are developing, you’ll get good buds in return. Feminized seeds are the answer if you’re worried about keeping male plants out of your garden. Seed breeders have bred many strains and types of cannabis to meet the wide array of needs that growers have.

Many Cannabis enthusiasts and traditionalists will tell you that feminized and automatic varieties of cannabis are un-natural or subpar, but that’s simply not the case. Feminized seeds come from female interbreeding that happens naturally to both stressed and healthy females. It can occur when a female has reached full sexual maturity and still has not received male pollen, and will develop pollen sacks and pollinate its self to keep its linage alive. Females cannabis plants can also be stressed into developing pollen sacks as a result of light stress. Both scenarios can occur to cannabis naturally in the wild. Auto flowers are cannabis plants that have been crossbred with a type of cannabis called Ruderalis. Ruderalis grows and flowers based on age not based on changes in the photoperiods. Since Ruderalis has had lower amounts of THC, it is often bred with hybrid varieties to increase potency and variety. Both Feminized seeds and auto flower varieties are all natural, but some haters like to make both varieties out to be something like GMO’s. When it comes to your seeds, just get what works best for your garden, and you’re circumstances, don’t let the ill-informed keep you from trying out a wide variety of seeds.

There are plenty of breeders and vendors online that sell every type of seed imaginable. There are many strains out there, each as wonderful as the next. Seed breeders have crafted seeds to produce buds that have interesting color, flavor, and smell. Some are even bred to have low or no odor. Mostly when creating new varieties, breeders look for the new creation to have unique characteristics and a unique high. Every strain that has ever been created, has started out as a seed, because that’s how breeders create new strains. No vials or test tubes needed, they don’t splice new strains into existence. They take the plant of one type of variety and cross bread it with another variety of cannabis. When the cross bred seeds form on the mother plant, each will contain a mixture of characteristics from each of the parents. Breeders will then reproduce a sequence of unvaried lineage of the new strain to root out any undesired characteristics and produce more consistent characteristics. This is called stabilizing the strain. Stabilizing is the mark of a good breeder and it ensures quality for the customers growing the seeds. Stabilizing is something that is also implemented in creating good feminized seeds, it helps prevent the all-female offspring from going hermi without reason.

At this point, you have to admit; seeds are pretty wicked. They and can do anything that a clone can do, but they do it all with more strength due to the presence of a tap root. They are also made via nature and not the hands of man. Clones often times can’t produce a tap root and are limited to large amounts of feeder roots, if the weed clone is healthy. Cases of clones that have taproots have appeared here and there, but it doesn’t happen often at all. Now, you may be interested in buying some seeds for yourself, if you haven’t already but, before you head off to the coolest website you find let me give you a good piece of advice on what I think is the best method of buying your seeds. This method is guaranteed to save you some money and to perfectly meet you’re seed needs. My friends, it’s all about the Pick n’ Mix!

So, why Pick n’ mix? As a buyer, you want the best deal right? Not only do you want the best deal; you also want the product that you buy to suit your needs as much as possible. If this is the case then it’s a good chance buying pick and mix is probably the best option for you.. The pick n’ mix buying option many reputable breeders and suppliers have available gives you the option to buy your seeds one by one instead of whole pack. With the pick n’ mix option you only have to buy exactly what you need. So, let’s say you’re growing for your own medical needs and you live in a state where the law says that you can grow up to six plants, three mature, three immature. You’d like to grow three varieties of cannabis, each grow but you don’t want to pay the expensive cost for a full pack of each. With pick and mix you could buy the six seeds for the six plants your limited to growing. Then you would only have to pay for two seeds of each of three varieties you choose to grow. When it comes to cannabis seeds, that’s Buyer Power my friends!

Now if you are kind of a science nerd/naturalist like me or just a cannabis super-fan you may have considered collecting every type of cannabis seed available. I can only imagine how sweet it would feel to own one or two seeds of every strain available. That would be quite an accomplishment, one that you could certainly brag about to a few close buddies. For a serious grower or ganja enthusiast, it would be the equivalent of a pre-teen boy owning an issue of every playboy ever printed, mind blowing. It’s a cool dream, but one that would certainly cost a lot of dough if you were purchasing each strain available in costly packs. Even if you earn a good living and money isn’t really an issue, it just doesn’t make sense to buy more seeds than you need.

Pick n’ mix can be a good option for a great many of growers, breeders, or collectors, but be sure you’re getting the best deal when you're buying pick n’ mix seeds. Some of the less reputable distributors will charge you extra for buying pick n’ mix, or will charge higher than average prices for single seed packs. Some of those distributors will also put old seeds from back stock in their pix n’ mix selections, the problem is that some of them are so old they aren’t very likely to germinate. However many reputable sellers have stellar quality and awesome saving in store for growers that visit their pick n’ mix section. Check out some of the sites that have that option available to their customers, read their reviews compare prices, make sure you are getting the best deal possible, with a little click and scroll work you really can save yourself allot of money. Pick yo’ mix and save some cash. It’s simple and cheap option for any and all who buy cannabis seeds, get what you need and not what you don’t. Keep Growing!

-T.B. Green

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