Hey freedom growers,

One of the most important aspects of your grow is what you choose to grow your ladies in. Since we are doing an organic potted grow, I’m going to go over some pot choices and give you my opinion on what I think is the best growing container available. Seeing as how the grow container/pot you choose to grow cannabis in, will house the roots (the rizosphere) you’ll want to make sure that you choose a container that is going to provide the best possible environment for those cannabis roots. Thriving roots like environments that are dark, get lots of oxygen, are moist but not saturated and allows healthy expansion of the roots zone.

So it goes without saying that growers should avoid cheap or even expensive clay or plastic flower pots, why? Most of these containers don’t have adequate drainage if at all, and definitely don’t allow good oxygen penetration. Low drainage and poor air penetration lead to anaerobic situations where unwanted microbes are allowed to build up and thrive. Anaerobic pathogenic microbes can lead to root rot (which can kill your plant or ruin your bud), and can also attract a number of unwanted pests. Quite literally these containers are made only to contain dirt, with little consideration or thought put into what a plants root system actually needs to thrive. As the plants grow and their root systems expand they will eventually run into the walls of these solid containers with nowhere else to go and will be forced to circulate around and around creating a situation where your cannabis roots become what is called root bound. Once that happens the roots begin to slowly suffocate, killing the plant. Obviously that’s not what you’re looking to have happen in your Ganja garden. Another fall back to solid containers is that since it’s nearly impossible to get good air penetration, heat will build up in the container raising the temperature of the root zone to possibly dangerous levels, which can also negative impact your plants health. Always remember, root health is detrimental to the overall health of your plants. Another thing for growers to consider is the shape of your growing container. While it’s not SUPER important to the success of the overall grow as long as other factors are considered, keep in mind, square containers allow more overall space for expanding roots than round containers. That’s why when you see most potted grows, allot of those plants are in the square growing containers.

So what kind of growing container should you use? I use Geo Pots. Geo Pots are made out of a durable porous material that has numerous benefits, plus unlike SMART Pots, they are square. The fabric like material allows for many benefits that you won’t get from solid flower pots such as, excellent drainage, aeration, temp control, and air root pruning. If you’re new to gardening, you may be asking yourself what some of these benefits implicate. I’ll break it down for you.

Drainage- Since the material is made from a fabric, water can easily escape preventing water from just sitting in the pot meaning your growth media, will get the moisture it needs for your roots, but won’t let your plants become water logged. Too much water can prevent air from being able to get to the roots too, effectively drowning the cannabis plant.

Aeration- Since the container is fabric, air and more importantly oxygen can freely penetrate the container. Just as CO2 is important to the foliage of your plan, oxygen is necessary for the health of your roots. Plants that have good oxygen penetration to their roots will have strong more vigorous root zones.

Temp Control- Since the sides of your container aren’t solid, and are porous heat can freely exit the root zone and not become locked in such is the case with most all solid pots.

Air Pruning- This is a biggie. Since the sides of the container aren’t solid, when the roots expand they won’t hit that solid wall of the container and be forced to recirculate. The roots can actually grow THROUGH the container wall to a certain extent. When the roots come into contact with the fabric they become trapped, and when contacted with air, they will naturally become pruned. This encourages lateral branching in the root system, making for more effective use of nutrients and moisture, and improving overall all plant health. Because of the air pruning you can grow larger plants in smaller containers. In my personal experience you can grow 3 to 4 foot plants in 2 gallon geo pots. That contradicts the rule of thumb that you should at minimum grow cannabis in a 3 gallon container, even for small plants like auto flowers.

Try for yourself, I think you’ll be surprised at how awesome these grow containers are, they’ll quickly become a staple in your indoor weed garden! There are many containers out there for ganja gardeners to use, but do to the versatility of these new aeropots its hard not to choose them. The choice is yours but I am confident that these are a superior product for any soil grower to use, and you'll notice when the difference when you smoke the bud they grow. If your still unsure, ask around, allot of ganja growers are now converting, will you join them and grow a more supreme product??

Keep Growing! -T.B. Green

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