The times, they are a-changin’ for sure. The passing of Colorado’s Amendment 64 was a landmark moment in American law and a cause for celebration for pot smokers the world over, not to mention a kick in the nuts for die-hard opponents of the Evil Weed. On November 6th 2012, the possession and personal use of marijuana was made legal in the state.

Getting 'High' and driving

A pretty amazing achievement by anyone’s standards, but don’t go bargaining on a Hunter S. Thompson-style munted roadtrip through middle America just yet. Great though the arrival of this new legislation may be, it’s only the first step down what is proving to be a long and difficult road to stoner Eldorado. And before any of Colorado’s eager residents can get down to the happily lawful business of buying and selling weed, there’s a whole bundle of regulatory issues to be addressed. Where should these pot shops be allowed to set up and do business? At what rate should marijuana be taxed? And by far one of the thorniest issues: At what level of THC saturation should a smoker be legally considered too stoned to drive?

The question of ‘how much is too much?’ is a tough one, and it may yet take some time to resolve. Most recently, in April, the Colorado Senate turned down a proposal asking for a THC limit of 5ng/mL. Even this seems like an arbitrary measurement, with experts locking horns over whether 5ng is a sufficient dose to impair ability, or not enough to have any kind of effect at all. Meanwhile, many are calling for a zero-tolerance policy. It remains a source of much debate as to whether this is a sensible, or indeed possible, approach to enforce.

It’s a conundrum. Much as with alcohol, there are few who would deny that too much toking can affect your judgement. God only knows, I myself have on numerous occasions been known to get too spannered to successfully operate my own legs, never mind a one-tonne box of speeding metal death. Still, whatever your tolerance level, it looks likely to be a while yet before the powers that be in Colorado reach an agreement that pleases everybody. So for now, if you really are dead set on blazing a trail through bat country… be sure to take along a designated driver.

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