So you’ve found yourself facing a drugs test for one reason and are very much aware of the fact that you’ve been toking like a pro pretty recently. This is where panic generally tends to set in for most, leading to all manner of bad decision-making fueled largely by Google’s good graces.


The trouble here is of course the fact that the longer you spend online looking for advice on passing drugs tests, the more conflicting information you’ll find. And what’s more, it’s not like those actually doing the tests are going to be inclined to share any secrets on what does actually work, so on the whole you’re sort of left grasping around in the dark.


That being said, with so many millions of drug tests having been carried out on pot smokers over recent years, we’ve at least been able to learn a few interesting snippets. So while it might not be of much use to you if you’re literally staring down the barrel of a loaded drugs test, it’s probably worth bearing the following in mind for next time around:


It Hangs Around a While

It’s one of nature’s cruel tricks to day the least – Class A cocaine users show up clean and free after 72-hours via urinalysis, but pot can still be detected for up to a month…sometimes even longer. As such, don’t ever fall into the trap of just assuming that you’ll pass as you’ve been weed-free for a week or two – chances are, you’ll be in for a shock.


Flushing It Out

Now, some will tell you that it’s possible to speed up the rate at which the weed leaves your body by drinking loads of water day after day. This is true, but only to a certain extent and will vary in accordance with how much weed you used, how strong it was and how you ingested it. Still, it can’t hurt to speed things up so feel free to get busy with the water.


Test Tinkering Kits

There are tons of products on the market right now that are designed specifically to help stoners pass drug tests. Usually sold in liquid form, you drink the stuff in the run-up to the test and the effect is supposed to be one that gets rid of, or at least hides, all traces of weed still in your system. All well and good if it wasn’t for the fact that most don’t do a damn thing…and none are properly tested and therefore can’t be considered safe.


Watered Down

The old favourite of watering down the pee sample you’re asked to give with a dollop of toilet water is about as well-advised as peeing on the test-giver. As for why, it all comes down to the fact that as soon as it’s noted there are traces of Domestos in your pee, chances are a hell of a lot more eyebrows will be raised than had you just given an honest sample.


The Pee Swap

How about taking a container of a mate’s pee in with you to fill the beaker? This can and indeed does work for some, but it’s a bit of a nightmare to sneak it in and all the more humiliating if it spills in your pocket…good luck with that.


The Cop Out

Last but not least, if you’re 100% sure you’re going to test positive and it’s going to cause you a problem, just about the only genuinely effective trick you can pull is that of copping-out and delaying the test. Pull whatever excuse you can think of out of the bag and make sure it’s a good one – anything to give the weed a bit longer to get out of your system.


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