Durham's police and crime commissioner Ron Hogg is changing the way in which the Durham Police will be targeting cannabis growers.


Large scale growers will be targeted, but small scale growers can expect to get with away with only a warning.

This is a refreshing point of view and hopefully when people start realising that it's merely a plant no different to any other plant that they are growing the laws all over will begin to change.

Mr Hogg said: "Traditionally what would have happened is people would have been arrested for using cannabis, sometimes imprisoned and it just maintained a cycle of reoffending in and out of prison." and that "going looking for somebody smoking drugs was not a 'key priority' for the force."


Mr Hogg, pictured above.

He also said: "If communities complain about people using cannabis, we will deal with that, we will deal with that proactively."
He added that he did not see it as a "step towards decriminalisation" of the drug - that was a national debate from which he would "abdicate".

Hopefully other Police Forces will begin to loosen laws on growers, helping those who need to grow for their own medical or personal use.

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