Ask any group of smokers what really grinds their gears when it comes to the bad habits of pot heads and chances are most will throw a few unique entries into the mix. What some consider to be normal or even part of the joy of the whole thing, others will tell you is nothing more than a sad, tired and infuriating cliché the likes of which should have been ousted long ago. Sadly, when and where an individual or group thereof is the cause of such irritation, not only are they not inclined to figure it out for themselves, but they also don’t take kindly to being told.

Consider this therefore as an open letter – to those guilty of the following top five bad habits of weed smokers as voted by those who…well, let’s just say those who know better:

1 – Bowl Blowing

First of all, chances are you’ve seen and done this enough times to have reached the conclusions it’s not a biggie. Sadly, you’re wrong, as when you for whatever the reason you fire a channel of air down the pipe or bong and blow the bowl’s contents all over the place, it’s not only a waste, it’s dangerous. Sure, the wasted weed is bad enough, but chances are those with singed hair and faces in the vicinity won’t see it as much of a priority. If you’re gonna cough or splutter, at least do it away from the pipe or bong – it’s not that hard.

2 – Talking Non-Stop About How High You Are

The more you talk about how high you are when you are high, the less fun you have while high…period. It’s one thing to say something nice about the quality of the weed or the kind person supplying it, but when you go on and on…and on…about how awesome the weed is and how blazed you are, you lose focus on enjoying the ride and instead end up analyzing the high for what it is, rather than simply enjoying it. Mention it, just don’t bang on about it non-stop.

3 – Soggy Roach

One of the biggest crimes to weed kind in recorded history, passing a joint on to someone else with a totally spit-soaked roach is out of order in a big way. There will always be those who don’t seem to be able to help doing this and chances are those with such folks in their close circles will have gotten used to it. In terms of how to make new friends and influence people however, here’s a habit that will help you do neither…it’s gross.

4 – Prey on Paranoia

Practical jokes and good-natured ribbing are all well and good while high, but prey on the paranoia of those with you at the time and you’re a jerk. Good weed makes everything hilarious, so there’s really no need to thump on the door and shout “Police!” just for the sake of being ‘funny’. Chances are, you’ll just wreck the evening by putting everyone on a downer – including yourself when you see how much you’ve pissed them all off.

5 – Documentation and Sharing

Last up, it’s one thing for there to be some annoying sod in the group who insists on taking lame-ass selfies on a constant basis and pretty much documenting the whole session. However, it’s another thing entirely for them to record everything you do and say with the intention of putting it all online in one way or another. There are some folks you should share your antics with and others you shouldn’t – your boss perhaps being an example of the latter. So do yourself and everyone else a favour – put the phone down for the night and just focus on having fun.

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