There’s something uniquely satisfying about cultivating a cannabis strain that practically grows itself. Reaping the rewards of the time, effort and TLC you invest is all well and good, but the lazy man’s approach to home growing is often the preferred approach.

Precisely why autoflowering cannabis strains continue to go from strength to strength, as the most popular strains among all home growers. 

Advances in strain engineering and optimization have led to a new generation of autos that perform better than ever before. No longer does opting for an auto mean compromising on the potency or yield of a comparable photoperiod strain. With today’s best autos, you get the best of all worlds - all with the bonus of little to no effort required. 

But which are the epic autoflowering strains you should be setting your sights on right now. If planning on growing autos in 2021, which guarantee the ultimate bang for buck?


1. Northern Lights Auto

A classic among classics, Northern Lights Auto has only got better and better over the years. Along with being a fantastically potent specimen that’s great for a relaxing evening, it also has the potential to yield as much as 500g for every square meter when grown indoors. All from a plant that rarely reaches more than 120cm in height and more or less takes care of itself from start to finish, with a seed to harvest time of just nine weeks.


2. White Widow Auto

Equally legendary and deservedly so, White Widow Auto is a considerably more modest specimen in terms of potency. THC levels tend to reach around 14%, but this is still more than enough to have the desired effect. White Widow Autoflower is known for bringing on an hour after hour of blissful relaxation, coupled with a fantastically fragrant smoke that permeates everything in the vicinity. Yields as generous as 450g for every square meter of grow space are not uncommon, after around 80 days or so.


3. Amnesia Haze Auto

At the opposite end of the scale, Amnesia Haze Autoflower delights with its energizing and uplifting high that’s great for any time of day. Motivating, inspiring and great for getting the party started, Amnesia Haze Auto delivers the goods just nine weeks or so after germinating the seeds. She is also an extremely simple specimen to keep under control, typically reaching a height of around 100cm with minimal pruning required.


4. Banana Kush Auto

This amazing auto is an absolute classic in the making. Banana Kush Autoflower really lives up to the name - juicy buds, beautiful banana fragrance and 9 weeks from seed to harvest. Her THC level is a cool 23%, delivering a balanced high full of positivity. Beginners and impatient growers LOVE this auto Kush. She’s short, fast, manageable and one of Seed Supreme’s proudest creations.


5. Quick One

Last up, you’ll scarcely come across a quicker specimen than this seriously speedy strain. Set aside eight weeks and you’ll be looking at a generous haul of relatively mild bud, with a modest THC content of 13%. Not that this is to be sniffed at, as Quick One is often just the thing for a gentle and controllable high during the day. As an added bonus, this stuff needs no more than around 50cm of vertical space to do its thing and do it properly.

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