Getting your hopes up only to be disappointed is never fun. You set the scene, stocked up on your favourite goodies and readied yourself for a night of indulgence. But for whatever the reason, you didn’t come close to hitting the high you expected.

The question being – why?

Truth is, there are countless reasons why you didn’t get nearly as high as you wanted to. The weed you bought could have been garbage, you might not have been in the right frame of mind, your tolerance may be legendary – just a few possible explanations.

In any case, there are tried, tested and trusted means to ensure your high is suitably intensified. So rather than setting yourself up for another disappointment, here’s a brief look at five proven ways to intensify your next high:

1. Be selective with your strains
First up, it simply makes sense to choose a cannabis strain that reflects your intentions. If you intend to get as high as you possibly can, you may as well go for the highest THC strain you can lay your hands on. If you can’t trust your local seller to provide the goods you need, you might want to think about growing your own. It’s worth remembering that THC levels these days vary from around 0% up to near 30% or so. If you’re serious about blasting yourself into kingdom come, go for something on the more generous side of the scale. It might cost more, but it’s worth every penny.

2. Store your cannabis more carefully
If you’re buying in bulk – or growing more pot than you can handle all at once – you need to think very carefully about how you store it. Unless you use a decent container and keep it in an appropriate location, even the most potent bud quickly becomes lacklustre. If you find that your pot is becoming excessively dry over time, try throwing a bit of lemon peel into the jar for a couple of hours. This should help add at least a little additional moisture to the bud, reinvigorating its potency. You might also want to think about investing in a slightly better storage solution.

3. Try different consumption methods
If you stick with traditional smoking methods religiously, why not change things up with something a little different? For example, switching to a vape pen can be a great way of intensifying every hit and getting maximum value for money from your cannabis. In addition, cannabis edibles have the potential to be more potent than any comparable consumption method. Dabs being great if you’re fully intent on leaving planet earth altogether. In any case, a good way of getting maximum bang for your buck.

4. Try exercise
It’s probably fair to say that exercise may be the last thing on your mind when getting busy with certain strains of cannabis. Nevertheless, physical activity in general has the potential to significantly enhance the hit of the THC in your system. In fact, a scientific study found that a cardio session can boost THC levels in the blood by as much as 15%. If you can’t be bothered to get active while using cannabis, think about hitting the gym or going for a run beforehand. Or for a consistently stronger high, think about making a few lifestyle changes and getting more active on a regular basis.

5. Take a tolerance break
Last but not least, it may seem like the nuclear option, but taking a tolerance break really can make an incredible difference. Even if you have neither the intention nor the willpower to quit cannabis completely for a period of time, you could still think about cutting down for a couple of weeks. After which, returning to your prior consumption habits could have the desired effect…and then some.

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