Research may be hitting the high gear all over the world, but we are still only just beginning to learn about the true benefits and medical potential of cannabis.  Particularly in the case of CBD, which each and every day seems to be linked with an even greater number of extraordinary medical properties.

From neurological conditions to chronic musculoskeletal illness and countless others besides, CBD is proving to be the organic wonder-drug that was right there in front of us all along.

The problem being that far too many people continue to misunderstand what CBD is, how it works and what it represents. Often classified under the same banner as THC, it’s often forgotten that CBD – while psychoactive – does not have an effect on motor functions and nor does it have the same intoxicating effect on the brain and body.

In fact, many experts are beginning to regard CBD less as a cannabis compound and more of a ‘new’ vitamin of sorts.

Slowly but surely, patients all over the world are turning to medical cannabis as an alternative to both prescription medication and everyday supplements alike.  Having found that CBD in various forms has the potential to replace and even improve upon the effects of their tried and tested conventional concoctions.

Just to put things into context, what follows is a brief overview of just five examples of the kinds of things you may not have known can be replaced or even improved upon with CBD:


For those who simply cannot function without a strong coffee to pick them up in the midafternoon, a quick hit of CBD in the form of an edible could prove even more effective. The reason being that along with providing a generous dose of energy, a CBD candy bar – just as an example – will keep you feeling infinitely calmer and less unpleasantly ‘twitchy’ than you may find yourself feeling after your fifth coffee or energy drink.

Sleep Aids

If you rely on any kind of prescription or OTC remedies to help you fall into a blissful slumber at night, you may find CBD so much more effective and pleasant to use. Not only can CBD-heavy cannabis strains help relax your body and mind to such an extent that simply superb sleep is guaranteed, but it also isn’t going to leave you feeling nearly as groggy or zombie-like the next day.  Research also seems to suggest that CBD products used to assist sleep are in no way habit-forming.


While it’s true to say that standard OTC painkillers can be incredibly effective, it’s not as if they are particularly healthy for the human body. As such, anyone suffering from mild to moderate joint pain, nerve pain, muscle pain and so on might want to think about reaching for a high-quality CBD edible. Fabulous pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects, all without the potential damage that can be caused by standard painkillers.

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If you’ve recently experienced something particularly stressful and need something to calm you down, don’t buy into the usual hocus-pocus remedies on sale at your local pharmacy. Or anything so strong and chemical-filled that it’s likely to do more harm than good. CBD is absolutely unrivalled when it comes to calming you down and making you feel that little bit better about the world, without crossing the line into getting you stoned.


Last but not least, if struggling to get yourself off deadly tobacco once and for all, you might be surprised how effective CBD-heavy cannabis can be. Vaping or smoking CBD-strong strains not only helps quell the habit by giving you something to do, but the therapeutic effects of CBD itself can be great for calming those cravings considerably. You’ll still need a fair amount of willpower to make it happen, but you might find the whole thing so much easier with CBD on your side and in your system.

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