Gardening Tips

  1. The Five Golden Rules for Growing Epic Buds

    The Five Golden Rules for Growing Epic Buds
    Is it hard to grow weed? Hell no – the clue’s pretty much in the name. However, if you change the question slightly to is it hard to grow properly awesome weed that’s epic on a...
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  2. Bees and Butterflies – How Herbs Can Bring Your Garden to Life

    There is nothing better than a gorgeous warm summer’s morning spent pottering in the garden. The sights and smells of your favourite flowers, vegetables and shrubs can be truly magnificent. Add to...
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  3. Test Your Soil's pH At Home – It’s Surprisingly Simple

    pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of your soil and can make the difference between happy, healthy and luscious plants and a wilting, high maintenance, unsatisfying garden. Knowing the pH of your...
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  4. Grow Your Own Muscles – A Gardener’s Guide to Gains

    Whether it’s for strength, aesthetics or sports, abs, biceps and glutes are hot property much prided by those who have them and much desired by those without. But, often it is argued that good...
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  5. Rookie Errors – What’s Killing Your Crop?

    Rookie Errors – What’s Killing Your Crop?
    As more countries and a fair few US states find themselves free to grow weed, the tips and tricks of success are piling up by the day. But at the same time, it’s probably more important for...
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  6. Mole Patrol – Humane Options for Controlling Critters

    Whichever way you look at it, moles don’t play fair. They like nothing more than destroying gardens and reducing the hard work of home-owners to rubble, but at the same time they’re just too sweet...
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  7. How to Build or Better a Compost Heap – The Tips You Need

    One of the most crucial assets you’ll ever have access to as a gardener is organic compost. Most households are guilty of producing an unholy amount of waste on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, of...
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  8. Gardening Tips For the Month of June – A Quick Checklist

    Each month of the year brings with it a series of gardening duties that must be taken care of…some of which are admittedly much less enjoyable than others. Nevertheless, it’s the only...
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  9. Problem Potatoes – What’s Killing Your Crop?

    Potatoes may be among the easiest vegetables to grow at home, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t also susceptible to a million and one different diseases, bug infestations and all manner of...
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