Bubba Kush grow operations are taking the weed world by storm. Also known as BK, it’s widely known and loved amongst tokers and growers.


Curious about why indulging in Bubba Kush is so popular? The effects, flavors, and aromas are a dream.

Perhaps you want to discover why cultivators love producing Bubba Kush? It’s a joy to grow when you know the best methods.


In this guide, you’ll find the top Bubba Kush grow tips. Join us, and learn the best techniques to reap the rewards of a beautiful harvest.


Let’s dig deeper.


Bubba Kush: Strain overview

The child of OG Kush and an unknown Aghani landrace, this indica-dominant strain will knock you off your feet. You’ll be stunned by the large bud production and dream-like effects.

Growing Bubba Kush doesn’t involve too much work. You see amazing results if you follow some basic rules which we cover next. Watch in awe as this short plant produces beautiful, healthy buds.


The original strain comes in 2 versions. With Bubba Kush feminized seeds, the original photoperiod strain, a change of light cycle will prompt the plants’ switch to flowering.


Bubba Kush autoflower seeds, on the other hand, the crops will automatically switch to flowering once they naturally reach a level of maturity.


The flowering time of Bubba Kush is 8–9 weeks.


It’s a significant producer despite being short. The yield averages 17 oz./m2 indoors and can reach over 20 oz./plant outdoors.


The Bubba Kush grow difficulty is moderate. Whether a pro or a novice, stick to our methods and enjoy a bountiful yield of delicious buds.


The tastes and smells of Bubba kush are a delight, and its knockout effects are famous. Let’s lay out the best ways to grow this outstanding strain.


Growing indoors vs. growing outdoors: Which is better for Bubba Kush


bubba kush grow


The debate about indoor vs. outdoor weed cultivation is a gray area.

Depending on various factors, Bubba Kush outdoor grow operations can be more challenging than indoors, especially in harsh climates.


The dense buds of Bubba Kush suffer in moist conditions. If you live in a cold area with lots of rain, it's best to grow indoors.

In the right climate, though, and with the best outdoor seeds, your crop can thrive just as well under natural sunlight.

The benefits of a Bubba Kush indoor grow-op are vast. You control the environment and can harvest year-round. Outdoor cultivation in the preferred climate generally requires less maintenance, as nature does much of the work for you. There are pros and cons to both.


Neither method is technically better for Bubba Kush to flourish. Whether you choose indoor cannabis seeds or their outdoor counterparts, your cultivation skills, the quality of your set-up, and the conditions dictate the results.


Growing Bubba Kush in soil

Many cultivators are torn between growing their strains in hydroponics or soil. The most common method of growing cannabis is in soil. 


Cultivating Bubba Kush in soil can be more convenient and natural. You don’t have to be as precise or focused on specific nutrients as with a hydroponic grow set-up.


If you’re growing outside, it’s good to learn about the best soil for outdoor weed production. The quality of the soil has a significant impact on crops. 


The importance of pH for Bubba Kush Growing

PH levels represent the acidity of soil and water. Cannabis plants enjoy slightly acidic soil. Knowing the correct pH for your cultivar is essential when learning how to grow Bubba Kush from seed.


Keep your medium in the proper pH range, whatever your method.


The ideal pH range for soil is 66.8 and 5.56.5 in a hydroponic system. The correct levels help ensure healthy growth and quality buds.


bubba kush grow


How to create super soil for Bubba Kush


Super soil is all-natural and packed with organic nutrients, so you only need to provide water. It’s the best soil for outdoor weed.


Some cultivators claim that using it is the best way to grow Bubba Kush. Here’s an excellent method for making super soil:


    • Create a base soil: Combine your compost with perlite and peat moss. The mix should account for around 20% of the end product.


  • Add amendments: Bat guano and bone meal are rich in the nutrients cannabis plants need.
  • Add mycorrhizae: Introduce mutually beneficial fungi, which help cannabis in various ways, from nutritional absorption to protection from disease.
  • Let it sit: Six months to a year is the ideal period. Add water to keep it moist and expose it to sunlight frequently. The nutrients break down and become easily absorbable.



Wait until your cultivar is a few weeks old before transplanting it into super soil. It’s too nutrient-rich for sensitive seedlings.


Super soil is excellent for a Bubba Kush grow operation. This organic method gives your weed a beautiful, smooth taste. 


Preferred light cycle and climate


bubba kush grow


The preferred light cycle of Bubba Kush Feminized seeds during bloom is 12/12. Outdoors, it’s best to plant in early Spring.

The best light cycle during the flowering phase is 18/6. A significant difference in how to grow Bubba Kush indoors vs. outdoors is your ability to control this manually.

Bubba Kush prefers a moderately warm and dry climate, thriving in temperatures ranging from 68–80℉ with low humidity.


With Bubba Kush Autoflower seeds, the plants grow in various light cycles and can withstand harsher environmental conditions.


Feeding Bubba Kush

When growing Bubba Kush, the plant needs a sturdy base during the bloom period. It requires magnesium, calcium, and nitrogen to build this foundation. You’ll find these in many of the best organic nutrients packs.


During the flowering period, it needs water and nutrients frequently. Phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium are essential for all plants. The thick buds of Bubba Kush need a regular supply to satisfy their needs.

Always provide Bubba Kush with adequate water relative to the plant's size.


bubba kush grow


Trimming Bubba Kush 

Trimming, or pruning is a vital part of learning how to grow Bubba Kush. It broadly means removing parts of the plant, usually dying leaves.

Pruning is essential for a healthy plant and can boost growth.

Dying leaves slow a plant’s development, as energy focuses on curing sick vegetation. Removing them reinforces the nutrient supply from the roots to the buds. Pruning can also stop the spread of potential diseases and help prevent cannabis deficiencies.


Keep your Bubba Kush Grow guide close. Be careful when trimming or pruning; here are some essential tips:


  • Ensure your work area is clean
  • Wear gloves to avoid contamination
  • Use proper gardening clippers and avoid dull or serrated blades
  • Don’t tear away bits with your bare hand as this can cause damage
  • Be extra careful not to damage buds when trimming


Keeping a Bubba Kush grow journal is a great way to remember tips like these. It’s easy to refer back to and keep track of your progress. 


Trimming after your harvest is crucial as the wet buds dry and cure much better if manicured. Leaving large amounts of leaves on drying nugs can result in mold.

When Bubba Kush is ready to harvest: Best ways to know

A vital aspect of Bubba Kush growing indoors or outdoors is knowing when to harvest.


If you’re growing outdoors, the time to reap is generally late October.


Here are two tell-tale signs your plant is ready to harvest:



  • Pistil color: Pistils are white hairs that grow on buds. They change color as they mature. Wait until around 70% have curled and turned red or brown; it’s time to harvest.
  • Trichome inspection: This method requires a magnification tool. A jeweler’s loupe is perfect. Trichomes are shiny, mushroom-like strands that grow on buds. When most heads appear cloudy rather than clear, it’s time to cut your crop.



Whether your Bubba Kush growing set-up involves hydroponics or soil, timing is everything.


Top 5 Bubba Kush seeds at SeedSupreme

bubba kush grow


Any of these incredible cultivars could suit your preferences the most. These are the best Bubba Kush seeds available at SeedSupreme.


  • Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds: The feminized BK contains up to 20% THC and around 2.5% CBD. The relaxing effects wash over you, relieving mental and physical stress. The aroma is earthy with hints of chocolate. The taste is sweet hashish and coffee.


  • Bubba Kush Autoflower Seeds: The cross of White Widow Autofloreciente and Pre 98 Bubba Kush created an autoflower-variety. It flowers in 5663 days and yields up to 14 oz./m2 indoors and 3.5–5 oz./plant outdoors. It’s potent, containing 15–20% THC


  • Dutch Passion Bubba Island Kush Feminized Seeds: This variety by Dutch passion produces particularly resinous buds, perfect for making hash. The taste is fruity with sour undertones. As a feminized strain, it flowers quickly in 7.5 weeks 


  • Green House Company Bubba Kush Feminized: An excellent Bubba Kush grow-op choice, Green House breeds this version to be stronger than most BK strains (over 20% THC). This feminized cultivar can get taller than the others, and some claim higher yields. 


  • Harlequin x Bubba Kush Regular seeds: This regular version is a unique hybrid. The THC is low at 57%, but the 810% CBD content more than compensates, providing potential medical benefits. Its yield is 1419 oz./m2 indoors and 21 oz./plant outdoors.


Follow the trail and find success

You’re now on the path to growing the best Bubba Kush strains possible. Stick to this guide and enjoy the gratifying fruits of your labor.


If you’re interested in cultivating, you now know how to grow Bubba Kush. Many of the tips in this guide apply to cannabis strains in general. 

Check out our store for the best strains and find the perfect one to suit your preferences.

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