The idea of abstaining from cannabis entirely for a period of time can be daunting in its own right. But what’s even more troubling is the prospect of forcing yourself through a pretty unpleasant tolerance break, only to find out on the other side that it has made absolutely no difference.

If you’re a regular cannabis user with a fairly lofty tolerance to THC-heavy weed, pushing the reset button on occasion comes highly recommended.  Contrary to popular belief, tolerance breaks aren’t exclusively about making it easier to get higher with every subsequent session. They’re about rediscovering the joys of weed in general, while at the same time saving you money by limiting the quantity of the stuff you need to buy.

Still, tolerance breaks are never easy - particularly if weed plays a pretty big role in your lifestyle in general. Hence, if you are going to put in the necessary effort to abstain for a while, you need to know the whole thing is going to work.

In which case, exactly how long should you think about quitting weed to reset your tolerance? Or at least, for how long should you cut down your consumption to bring your tolerance level back under control?


Consider your Consumption and Experience Level

For obvious reasons, tolerance breaks need to be tailored to suit the unique requirements of each individual accordingly. If you can consume a whole bag of White Window in one sitting and still come across as completely sober, you’ll probably need to abstain longer than someone who passes out at the first whiff of Bruce Banner. 

Hence, the following suggestions should be interpreted purely as guidelines only. It’s entirely up to you to decide how long to hold off, but chances are you’ll be glad you did on the other side of the whole thing.


The Cannabis Novice - Five to Seven Days 

If you get high pretty quickly and don’t need a great deal of the stuff to have the desired effect, it won’t take long to reset your tolerance practically back to zero. Although why you would want to do so if you already get so high so fast might be hard to justify!

In any case, anyone who ranks within the cannabis novice bracket will unlikely need to abstain for more than a week to have the desired effect. Given that you were already something of a lightweight beforehand, beware that first toke you start - it might just blow you into kingdom come.


General Lifestyle Smokers - One to Two Weeks 

If you are a regular cannabis user but don’t spend all your waking hours getting high, one to two weeks will probably get the job done. Though this is where things do have a tendency to become tricky, as two weeks without weed can feel like an eternity. Particularly when the weekend rolls around and you find yourself wondering what to do to kill the time.

What’s important to remember with a T break of this length is that after five to seven days, you might genuinely feel as if every trace of weed is out of your system. You may therefore be tempted to have a cheeky toke, but hold out a little longer and you’ll be glad you did.


Legendary THC Tolerance - Up to a Month 

Last up, if it takes seriously epic quantities of cannabis to get you high, prepare for up to a month on the straight and narrow. When your tolerance reaches such a ridiculously elevated level, there’s no point doing things by halves.

Even if you abstain for a fortnight, chances are there will still be plenty of THC metabolites hanging around in your system after this time. If you really want to reset your biochemistry (and bring your cannabis spending under control), prepare to be in it for the long haul!

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