Buying quality cannabis seeds in relatively large quantities is a no brainer. The more seeds you buy, the more you save – and it’s not as if you aren’t going to put them to good use eventually.

Nevertheless, it’s important to bear in mind that although extensive, cannabis seeds nonetheless have a finite lifespan. This applies to all autoflowering cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds and so on – none of which can or will last forever.

Still, make the effort to store your cannabis seeds properly and you’ll be able to pop them successfully for some time to come. Sketchy reports of seeds sprouting a full decade after being purchased should be taken with a pinch of salt, but keeping your seeds fresh and ready to go for a good five years at least is a perfectly plausible prospect.


The Basics of Marijuana Seed Storage

At a fundamental level, storing cannabis seeds long-term isn’t particularly difficult. There are just five things you need to focus on, if planning on keeping your seeds a while before putting them to use:

  1. Temperatures.  Always ensure your seeds are kept in a cool location with a relatively consistent temperature – ideally no warmer than 41° F for long-term storage.
  2. Humidity levels.  Even the slightest hint of moisture could result in your seeds germinating prematurely or going rotten. Keep humidity levels lower than 5%.
  3. Light. Another enemy to be wary of when storing cannabis seeds long-term is light, so be sure to keep your seeds in the dark at all times.
  4. Air. Keep your storage container as tightly closed as possible, minimizing the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide your seeds come into contact with.
  5. Genetics. The quality of the seeds you buy will also play a major role in determining their strength, resilience and longevity.

Just as long as you are mindful of all of the above, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to keep your seeds in pristine condition for quite some time.

As for which cannabis seed storage strategies are best, here’s how long you can expect your seeds to stay fresh with some of the most popular options available:



A decent everyday envelope made of thick enough paper or card should be good enough to keep your seeds fresh for at least a few weeks. If you subsequently store the envelope itself in ideal conditions, your seeds may be good to go for a couple of months.

However, an envelope isn’t a particularly robust or reliable storage container for long-term storage – nor does it provide a great deal of protection against moisture.


Glass Jars

A good glass jar is a better choice, given that it can be used to create an airtight seal and is comprehensively waterproof. Store your unused cannabis seeds in a strong glass jar in a suitable location and you should still be able to use them after a year or two.

The only downside with glass jars being their tendency to let in plenty of light, unless you go for something opaque and/or store it in a suitable location. Glass jars are nonetheless perfect for taking control of exposure to air and humidity levels for the duration.


Mylar Bags

By far the best option (if you happen to have access to a vacuum-sealer) is a bunch of high-quality Mylar bags. Package your seeds in Mylar bags correctly and they are flawlessly protected from light, moisture and excess humidity indefinitely. If you subsequently store your Mylar bags in an appropriately cool and safe location, you should be able to successfully sprout your seeds a full five years after packaging them.

If you’re holding on to a batch of super-premium or rare seeds you’d like to preserve indefinitely, Mylar bags take some beating. 

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