Starting your own herb garden is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable hydroponic exploits anyone can get up to, not to mention perhaps the most satisfying all. Herbs have played a crucially important role in pretty much every human civilization since the dawn of time and are still revered now as much as they ever were.

But while no one is questioning the value, importance or indeed the enjoyment herbs bring us all, the question of why it makes sense to grow your own is one that’s highly debated. After all, it’s really never been cheaper to pick up fresh, dried and frozen herbs from pretty much any store, on the high street so what’s the point in going to such intensive efforts to grow your own?

The answer comes in the form of several important answers, including the following:

  • Health – First of all, it’s worth remembering that while herbs in general can be spectacularly healthy, those you grow yourself at home are often far healthier than those cultivated for supermarkets. Having removed all chemicals, toxins and pesticides from the equation, you know that every last leaf you grow is 100% organic and 100% healthy.
  • Costs – It might cost you a modest amount to get up and running in the first place, but just as soon as the wheels are in motion, you’ll find it is exponentially cheaper to grow your own herbs than it is to purchase them from supermarkets. And as herbs are spectacularly easy to preserve in so many different ways, nothing goes to waste.
  • Enjoyment – Chances are that just like pretty much everyone else who’s ever got into the idea of indoor gardening, it really won’t be long before you are completely addicted to it. And while it’s not exactly the kind of activity that requires a great deal of physical exertion, it is still better exercise than sitting on the couch watching TV.
  • Supply – Also worth bearing in mind is the fact that when you grow your own herbs, you have a readily available supply on hand when and where you need them. Regardless of the time of year or what the weather may be doing outside, you’ll have a fantastic herb garden to play with throughout all seasons.
  • Variety – If you’ve ever gone out to a store only to find that they have every herb in the world other than the exact herb you need, you can probably understand why growing your own is so convenient. Rather than simply making do with what’s on the shelves and compromising accordingly, you can grow literally anything you want in any kind of abundance you like.
  • Quarantine – Of course it’s a relatively rare eventuality, but at the same time it’s certainly possible to bring all manner of bugs, insects, plant diseases and other nasties into the home when picking up herbs from supermarkets. Chances are that if you do, it won’t necessarily be the end of the world, but still…something best avoided if you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Taste – Last but not least, it isn’t until you’ve experienced meticulously cared for home-grown herbs that you can really gain an understanding of just how a different the flavor can be from the herbs you might be used to.  The difference really is night and day, though suffice to say that once you’ve tried your own handiwork, there’s really no going back.

The sheer joy of growing herbs at home is both uniquely satisfying and remarkably easy to dive into. Even with the most modest of setups and with no prior experience, it won’t be long before you and your family are quite simply in herb heaven!


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