1. 5 Mistakes All Hydroponics Newcomers Make…And How to Avoid Them

    So the good news is that if you find yourself on the receiving end of a stern ‘talk to self’ having well and truly screwed up your hydroponic growing efforts, you’re far from alone....
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  2. The Growing Benefits of LED Hydroponic Lights

    LED lights have been a pretty big deal for some time now, though it’s only as of relatively recently that the technology has begun making significant strides in the world of hydroponics....
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  3. The Benefits of Dual-Spectrum Bulbs

    One of the most common questions of all thrown the way of those in the hydroponics industry is that of what exactly, if any, are the benefits of dual-spectrum grow lamps? They’re available in...
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  4. Indoor Plant Lighting – Five Key Considerations

    For the indoor gardener, there are few (if any) matters more important than that of ensuring adequate and appropriate light is provided for the plants being grown. Indoor plant lighting has the...
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  5. Hydroponic Lighting Mistakes – Five Painfully Common Rookie Errors

    It’s probably fair to say that the biggest and most obvious rookie error of all when it comes to providing light for indoor gardens is that of simply using the lights, lamps and bulbs you...
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  6. How to make your own grow lights - Start to finish

    How to make your own grow lights - Start to finish
    This video covers the basics of putting together D.I.Y grow lights using cheap and easily available components. Made with the beginner in mind, this easy to follow guide will have you growing in no...
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