Without a doubt medical cannabis laws are slowly changing around the world for the better, but what's the availability like for those who desperately need it? A lot of countries are still sceptical to either the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana and medical marijuana. Should any medicine which has strong evidence of medicinal properties be made illegal by a country's government to its citizens? These are some highly debated topics that are continually being asked by both the public and their governments and nobody seems to be sure as to what the ideal answer is.

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Medical marijuana has the potential to be a lifesaver for so many people it's a wonder why more governments aren't attempting a quicker road to medicinal marijuana availability and distribution. When you really think about it, you soon realize that it's likely due to 'big pharma', since marijuana is so hard to regulate and anyone could grow all the medical marijuana they need with very little knowledge or skills. People having access to a cheap easy to grow drug that is effective scares the pharmaceutical companies to hell and rightly so. They are trying their hardest with lobbying and scaremongering to convince people that the cannabis plant is evil and dangerous, when it couldn't be further from the truth. With the help of government propaganda they have succeeded for a long time in convincing the public of this, but now the public is starting to realize and medical cannabis use has soared over the last decade.

Governments have been trying to deal with the access issue by allowing industrial scale marijuana cultivation for dispensaries, many would argue, however, that the price is still too high to dissuade people from growing themselves. This is why so many people have turned to growing their own medicinal marijuana, and rightly so. Despite all of this, politics and laws regarding medical cannabis are slowly changing worldwide, with counties like Uruguay and U.S states Colorado and Washington leading the way.

Some countries legally allow for a small amount to be home grown but most laws seem to be aimed at the government providing medical cannabis to those who are eligible and not at allowing people with medical cannabis licenses to grow their own legally. Would it be better to allow people to have the choice of whether to grow their own medical marijuana, we think so! Could it lead to more issues such as people making mistakes and potentially harming themselves (for instance certain moulds that can grow on the plants can be very dangerous)? What do you think? Any more risky thank growing your own fruit and veg? Should anyone be allowed to grow at their own risk, or should it all be up to the government and their big pharma friends to supply people with the medical cannabis that they need?

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