Medical Cannabis Uses. There are many ailments for which medical cannabis can be highly effective at providing relief. Here are some of the most common ones and which strains are considered the best at dealing with them.





- Jack Herer

- AK47

- Chocolate Chunk

- Pineapple Express

- Tangerine Dream

- Grand Daddy Purple

- Strawberry Kush

- Hindu Kush

- Blue Cheese



- Girl Scout Cookies

- Chocolate Chunk

- Purple Kush

- Blue Dream

- A Train

- Maui Waui

- Pure Kush

- Blueberry

- Diesel



- Critical Mass

- Nebula

- Lemon Skunk

- Zero Gravity

- Tahoe OG Kush

- Lowryder #2

- Durban Poison

- Sweet Deep Grapefruit


Muscle Spasms

- Northern Lights

- Blue Dream

- Blue Diesel

- Critical Cure

- Skunk #1

- L.A Confidential



- Bubba Kush

- Blue Dragon

- Northern Lights #5

- Pineapple Kush

- Trainwreck

- Grape Ape



- Blue Dragon

- Northern Lights

- OG Kush

- Strawberry Cough

- Headband

- White Rhino

- Lemon Kush



- Night Train

- Sour Diesel

- Blue Mystic

- Big Buddha Cheese

- Master Kush

- Romulan


All of the strains above have been shown to help reduce the symtoms associated with each condition. With regular use it may even be possible to cure certain ones, though this can differ from person to person and not everyone will experience the same effects.
It is widely believed that cannabis has been used this way to help with the above conditions as well as numerous other ones for possibly thousands or even tens of thousands of years. Civilizations such as the ancient Chinese, Persian and Egyptian Empires and a few others are known from written records to have used the wonderful cannabis plant for many reasons including both medical and recreational.
Any cannabis, whether medical or not, does not have to be smoked, it is possible to eat and digest by cooking it with oil or butter to create a cannaoil. This can then be used to make practically anything from cakes and biscuits (cookies and brownies are a classic) to savoury foods which can be healthier such as vegetables and brown rice with cannabis oil. Cooking or just drinking the straight oil has become extremely popular recently with medical patients, however, consuming such a large amount of oil could also be bad for health. Vapourisers are also popular due to the way in which they make the THC absorbable, they heat up the cannabis to a certain temperature so that the THC is vapourised but none of the carbon in the plant is. This means that there are no carcinogens in the vapour and thus it should be significantly better for you than regular cannabis smoke.
It is also believed that cannabis can help reduce or even completely remove cancerous tumors, though the science is not fully understood yet. Studies have shown that both THC and CBD can act to stop cancer cells spreading and even outright destroy tunour cells. There is still a lot to discover as to the precise way in which it works, but we definitely do know that in many recorded instances it does help.
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