Unless you were born an all-knowing pot God (you weren’t!), then the first time you tried weed edibles you didn’t have a clue what you were doing. For about 99.9% of stoners and curious newbies alike, the first few times getting busy with the edibles tend to be more like playing a game of Russian roulette with your own sanity. And what’s even more entertaining is watching those who claim to know what they’re doing whacked out of their skulls and pretending they’re ok – edibles pack a punch even seasoned smokershave trouble dealing with.  

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of the six most common mistakes we’ve all made when knocking back weed edibles and hopefully learned a thing or two from:

1 – Overdoing It

As mentioned, even the world’s most hardened veteran smokers have to be careful when it comes to how much weed they scarf down in one go. It’s a totally different ball game and you can’t expect to measure things the same way you do when smoking. But of course that’s exactly what we’ve all done at one time or another – figured it’d be fine and subsequently transformed into a slobbering cabbage for several hours straight.

2 – Getting Impatient

Try telling a pot-edible newbie after the first hour of waiting to be patient and chances are they’ll think you’re having a laugh…just as you once did. If you’re used to getting that instant hit from a joint, it just doesn’t seem to register that when eating pot you’re onto a much slower burner. And that’s exactly why we’ve all made the mistake of swallowing a brownie, figured it was a dud, swallowed another, felt a slight tingle then swallowed another. Three brownies down and one complete gibbering wreck with tofu for brains.

3 – Ignoring Strength

When you smoke pot, you choose how much to use and smoke in accordance with its potency, right? So, why is it that pretty much every single one of us has made the mistake of assuming every last gram of weed that goes into pot edibles has the same strength? It isn’t…in fact it’s a case of night and day from one to the next. If you don’t know what’s in there, it’s your TS if is wallops the living daylights out of you…which it will and indeed has for most of us!

4 – Losing Sight of Common Sense

Weed munchies are interesting in that they can take you from pretty much normal to absolutely beyond any semblance of control in the snap of a finger. As such, one of the other most common mistakes most of us have made is that of losing sight of common sense and letting things get too far, without actively trying to calm your OTT high at least a little. From nuts to citrus fruits to water to fatty foods, anything that can help straighten you out is a good thing when you reach the point of no return.

5 – The Munchie Cycle

If the munchies hit hard and all you have are more pot brownies, get what happens? Yep, it’s not good!

6 – Overly Generous

Last but not least, the other big mistake some of us are still guilty of is that of offering or largely force-feeding pot edibles to those you know for a fact will not be able to handle them. Will it be entertaining? For a while perhaps, but at the same time will out you as nothing but an A-hole to stay away from…at least as far as they’re concerned, anyway!

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