With a name like this, you wouldn’t expect anything less than a powerhouse piece of cannabis engineering. Luckily, Armageddon is a strain that doesn’t disappoint. Initially cooked up in the Netherlands and now available worldwide, Armageddon has the potential to pack a THC concentration of 20% or more. Its exact ancestry remains a mystery, but we know for sure it’s a Sativa-heavy hybrid that delivers a mind-blowing cerebral punch.


General Characteristics

Armageddon plants produce buds of a relatively compact size, with the quintessential Sativa structure. There’s nothing particularly unique about the aesthetic of an Armageddon plant, which presents mostly mossy green colours with a milky coating of trichomes. To the touch, Armageddon buds at their peak are incredibly sticky and can be difficult to break up by hand.

When harvested and cured, the buds emit a beautifully complex and alluring fragrance, which is not dissimilar to that of Sour Diesel. There’s also a noticeable undertone of lemony citrus, which is overwhelmed by sweet skunk when the buds are broken up. Set light to Armageddon and the smoke produced is harsh and acrid in the extreme. It’s a tough strain to handle without coughing or tearing up, but the payoff is nonetheless a delicious lemony-diesel flavour that lingers indefinitely.


Armageddon Effects

A good batch of Armageddon can bring on an exceptionally powerful and long lasting high, but it is nonetheless the ultimate creeper. Take in a few heavy hits and it’s often several minutes before that characteristic feeling of pressure around the temples and the eyes begin to kick in. After which, it’s not uncommon to experience gradually accelerating mindrace, along with mild to moderate alterations to sensory experiences. Just as long as you haven’t hit it too hard, Armageddon can be a great strain for injecting enjoyment and motivation into more modern mundane tasks. It’s also reputed to get the creative juices flowing.

After a while, the initial hit of motivation is replaced by a gradual fall into relaxation and sedation. Not to such an extent as to experience couchlock, but more a kind of heaviness that eliminates the desire to do anything physical. You’ll still have more than enough energy to go for a walk, play video games or hit the kitchen, but at a pretty slow pace and with no real concept of time passing.


Armageddon Medical Applications

In medical cannabis circles, Armageddon has become a popular choice for the treatment of attention deficit disorders and general concentration difficulties. It can also be great for eliminating everyday stress and the symptoms of mild depression. The relaxing properties of Armageddon also make it a decent choice for combating aches, pains and nausea.

However, it’s important to note that stronger batches of Armageddon have a tendency to trigger bouts of paranoia and mind-race. It is therefore not necessarily the best choice for individuals with a low THC tolerance, or anyone prone to anxiety or panic attacks. As it is a creeper, it’s a good idea to consume Armageddon slowly and gradually.


Growing Armageddon

The exact genetic origins of Armageddon may be a mystery, but it is nonetheless widely available for home cultivation. It’s also a comparatively simple plant to grow, though prefers indoor conditions unless grown in a warm Mediterranean climate.

Armageddon plants demonstrate impressive resistance to most common pests and diseases, with a flowering time that comes in at approximately eight weeks.  Yields have the potential to be moderate to high, though discretion can be difficult during the flowering stage to say the least. Armageddon buds begin emitting a hugely potent and powerful fragrance early on, so be sure to exercise caution as necessary.


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