The mystery and secrecy surrounding Blue Mystic only adds to its already wide-reaching appeal. Speculation is rife, but the truth is that we actually know very little about where Blue Mystic came from, or who engineered it for the first time. We’ve also little to nothing to go on regarding its lineage, though it’s widely suspected that it’s a direct descendant of Blueberry and Northern Lights.Not that its origins are particularly important - we’re just glad it exists! Try your hand with a quality batch of Blue Mystic just once and you’ll see why a little mystery and secrecy really can bring something special to the whole experience.

General Characteristics
Blue Mystic is a relatively unassuming specimen, both during cultivation and when bagged. The flowers themselves present a beautifully neo-green colour palette, interspersed with plenty of orange hairs and a generous coating of sticky trichomes. Some Blue Mystic plants produce super-clear crystalline trichomes, others erring more on the cloudy and milky side.

Along with plenty of freshly dug earth, there’s an unmistakable blueberry fragrance that (possibly) hints at Blue Mystic’s lineage. The fruity fragrance takes a back-seat to predominantly skunky and earthy notes when the buds are broken - both of which intensify significantly when ignited. Reports vary significantly from one user and batch to the next, but it’s widely accepted that Blue Mystic has a THC content averaging a generous 20% or more.

Blue Mystic Effects
With THC level as high as these, you’d expect nothing less than a hard-hitting strain with powerful and potent properties. Blue Mystic is renowned for its energising and uplifting effects, which begin with a characteristic wave of tingling-dizziness that gradually builds towards outright euphoria. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand with the Blue Mystic experience, which is great for bringing joy and satisfaction into the most joyless chores imaginable.

Revered as a daytime smoke and perfect for a good wake & bake, Blue Mystic has enjoyable activities in the great outdoors written all over it. It’s also an ideal substitute for a couple of afternoon espressos, if you’re simply looking to survive another tedious day at the office. Just be careful with the quantity you consume - a few heavy hits and the energising effects of Blue Mystic can be almost overwhelming.

Blue Mystic Medical Applications
In medical cannabis circles, Blue Mystic has been associated with immediate and surprisingly long lasting relief from everyday stress and anxiety. It’s also a renowned strain for use in social situations in general - particularly when you’re either not in a mood for socialising, or find social situations stressful.Controlled intake of Blue Mystic making it borderline impossible not to chat, gossip and generally interact with those around you.

However, it’s important to note that the high-impact cerebral effects of Blue Mystic may be too much for the uninitiated to handle. Mind-race is a definite possibility and there are reports of paranoia and anxiety in users with a low THC Torrance.

As the origins of Blue Mystic are something of a mystery, the only evidence we have to go on cultivation-wise is anecdotal. The good news being that all reports suggest that Blue Mystic is an extremely simple specimen to grow, though does require a fair amount of space.

Blue Mystic is said to prefer controlled indoor conditions, though thrives in warmer Mediterranean climates outdoors. Yields are moderate to high, though even when output is less than spectacular, a little of the stuff goes a very long way.

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