There are some strains that divide the cannabis community right down the middle, due to their signature and somewhat specific fragrances. Two examples of which being Cheese strains and Diesel strains, which you either love or you hate. In the case of Chiesel, this stinky specimen was created by combining the genetics of NYC Diesel and Big Buddha Cheese. The result of which is, as you’d expect, a powerfully fragranced specimen with moderate potency and a quintessentially balanced high. If you’re all about the funkiest strains the market has to offer right now, Chiesel could be right up your street.

General Characteristics
A quality Chiesel plant isn’t going to produce a particularly mind-blowing quantity of THC. Potency levels vary from around 14% to around 18%, making it a gentle and balanced strain to enjoy. As you’d expect, the fragrance of Chiesel is dominated by plenty of ripe cheese and an almost acrid hit of fuel, which come together to create an aroma like nothing you’ve smelled to date. If you find Diesel or Cheese strains difficult to deal with, this stuff will be way out of your league.

By contrast, anyone who gets a kick out of the funkier side of cannabis could find Chiesel their dream come true. Dense and sticky buds, dark orange pistils and plenty of frosty-white trichomes - all setting the scene for the enjoyable experience to follow.

Chiesel Effects
Combine a relatively modest THC concentration with a perfect 50-50 indica/sativa split and you’re looking at one of the most balanced strains you’ll ever encounter. A single hit of Chiesel is enough to feel that giddy and energizing burst of positivity, which is almost immediately complemented with a feeling of blissful relaxation and general contentment that goes right through to the extremities.

Energizing and relaxing in equal measures, Chiesel represents the perfect daytime smoke for bringing energy, optimism and joy into almost any everyday task. Despite its relatively low THC content, Chiesel has a tendency to keep you firing on all cylinders for longer than you might expect. As a result, it’s not necessarily a suitable strain for pre-bedtime use - unless your intention is to stay out of bed as along as possible.

Chiesel Medical Applications
The balanced and controllable effects of Chiesel make it an ideal strain for a wide variety of therapeutic applications. Patients suffering from anxiety, stress and mild depression have reported immediate and ongoing relief after measured intake of Chiesel. It’s also the perfect strain for dealing with the occasional bout of lethargy, or for getting you through the day after a poor night’s sleep.

Time it strategically and Chiesel and also be useful for combatting mild sleep disorders. The energising and uplifting high eventually gives way to a sense of deep relaxation and physical heaviness, which can bring on a fantastic night of undisturbed sleep. Chiesel is also commonly used to treat headaches, muscle pain and everyday aches.

Growing Chiesel
You’ll need at least rudimentary cultivation experience to get the best out of Chiesel, but beginners will also find it an easy specimen to deal with. Just as long as you live in a reasonably predictable Mediterranean-style climate, Chiesel can be fantastically easy to grow outdoors and produces consistently superb yields.

Chiesel plants have a tendency to reach approximately 6 feet in height, therefore can be a little difficult to keep under control indoors. In addition, Chiesel emits one of the most powerful and unmistakable fragrances of any cannabis strain, which can make it tricky to keep under wraps if discretion is a priority.

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