If you know anything about quality cannabis, you’ll have come across Chocolate Thai at least once or twice. A true veteran on the scene, Chocolate Thai has been around for more than six decades and is one of the most celebrated strains of all time. Chocolate Thai played an important role in US cannabis culture from the 60s right through to the 80s. That said, it’s still just as popular today on a global basis.Fragrant, flavourful and mild enough for anyone to enjoy, Chocolate Thai typically produces THC to the tune of around 12%.

General Characteristics
Chocolate Thai is a strain that lives up to its name in almost every way. Mature Chocolate Thai plants produce dark and compact nugs, which don’t look a million miles from oversized chocolate chips. Dark greens, browns and hints of orange perpetuate, along with a thin but noticeable coating of trichomes towards the end of the flowering period.

It’s pretty easy to keep Chocolate Thai plants under wraps, as they don’t produce a particularly pungent fragrance. Chocolate Thai is a landrace strain that can grow to a decent size, but isn’t going to get the game away with an overpowering smell.It’s not until you break the buds open that those characteristic coffee, chocolate and earthy fragrances burst into life. Furthermore, set light to Chocolate Thai flowers and the whole thing is accentuated with a heavy hit of spice and a notable citrus undertone. It’s a dank and delicious experience that leaves behind a lasting aftertaste, though can also be surprisingly refreshing.

Chocolate Thai Effects
Considered the ultimate ‘sativa for beginners’ by many, Chocolate Thai provides the perfect hit of everything you’d expect from a good sativa, in a controllable and enjoyable way. This is primarily due to its modest THC content of around 12% - enough to get the job done, but not enough to take things too far. This also makes Chocolate Thai the perfect choice for extended sessions and daytime use, as it’s difficult to push yourself over the edge no matter how much you use.

Speaking of daytime use, Chocolate Thai provides an immediate and long-lasting energy boost, uplifting body and mind with a sense of motivation. It’s the perfect choice for bringing energy and enjoyment into mundane activities, such as housework or a boring afternoon at the office. You could easily swap a couple of lunchtime espressos for a careful hit or two of Chocolate Thai. Some users also report heightened creativity and inspiration when consuming Chocolate Thai, making it a popular choice among artists and musicians.

Chocolate Thai Medical Applications
The appeal of Chocolate Thai in medical circles follows largely identical lines.Medical cannabis users turn to Chocolate Thai for a gentle yet noticeable uplift, which leaves you feeling upbeat, optimistic and energetic. Though again, without the risk of taking things too far. Given that Chocolate Thai typically measures for around 12% THC, it is also suitable for those with a low THC tolerance. If you’re susceptible to a paranoia or bouts of anxiety, you’ll still find Chocolate Thai well within your limits.

Chocolate Thai is associated with a wide variety of medical applications, including the treatment of PTSD, depression, anxiety and poor appetite. However, it’s perhaps not the best strain to use before bed, due to its primarily energising properties.

Growing Chocolate Thai
As Chocolate Thai is native to subtropical environments, it needs relatively specific and controlled conditions to reach its potential. Growing outdoors isn’t an option where the weather isn’t consistently hot and humid. Nevertheless, Chocolate Thai isn’t particularly difficult to grow indoors, just as long as you keep an eye on temperature levels, humidity and soil quality.

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