The good folks over in the Netherlands have handed the global cannabis community more than a few treats over the years. In contradiction to its name, however, Dutch Treat - sometimes referred to as Dutch Crunch - was concocted about as far away from Amsterdam as it’s possible to get. Named the 3rd Best Sativa in the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup, Dutch Treat is consistently exceptional indica-leaning hybrid that’s also delightfully unpredictable. By unpredictable, we mean you never know quite how hard it’s going to hit you. Along with a tiny CBD content in the region of 1%, Dutch Treat has a THC content of anything from 14% up to a whopping 30%. Suffice to say, land a batch towards the latter end of the scale and you probably won’t know what’s hit you!

General Characteristics
Truth is, there’s no concrete evidence to go on regarding the exact history and lineage of Dutch Treat. It’s suspected that it was first engineered on Vancouver Island, though nobody to date has claimed Dutch Treat as their own creation.Which is surprising, given how fantastic it is. Dutch Treat most likely owes its genetics to Haze and Northern Lights, resulting in a beautifully balanced and perfectly-potent hybrid that’s no less than a work of art.

Dutch Treat buds produce so much sticky resin that handling them by hand often isn’t an option. You’ll need a quality grinder to deal with the super-sweet and sticky buds, which emit a pungent and lingering fragrance that’s predominantly piney and earthy. The pine notes are further intensified when Dutch Treat is combusted, which produces a thick and heavy smoke that’s nonetheless surprisingly smooth and palatable. Dutch Treat is anything but a discreet and understated specimen - this stuff stinks…and continues stinking for hours on end.

Dutch Treat Effects
With this kind of potency, you’d be right to expect a strain that hits hard and hits fast. There’s a near-immediate rush of euphoria, which brings about the kind of emotional uplift that makes it impossible not to smile, socialise and take pleasure in your surroundings. Dutch Treat is by far one of the best strains on the market for social situations, or any instance where you’d otherwise feel awkward sparking conversation.

Powerful though rarely overwhelming, the initial energising euphoria gradually gives way to a sense of deep physical relaxation and contentment. Given time, Dutch Treat progresses towards lethargy, laziness and even sleepiness. The more Dutch Treat you consume, the greater the inevitability of couchlock. All of which adds up to an outstanding evening smoke, or social events where you’re free to relax as the evening wears on.

Dutch Treat Medical Applications
Dutch Treat has an extensive range of potential therapeutic applications, including the treatment of insomnia, nausea and chronic pain. Patients have also reported immediate and effective relief from anxiety, stress, mild depression and attention deficit disorders.

Cottonmouth is also near guaranteed with prolonged consumption of Dutch Treat, which can also bring on extensive bouts of redeye. The power and potency of Dutch Treat make it a strain to advise with extreme caution - particularly for those who have a low THC tolerance, or anyone prone to anxiety or panic attacks.

Growing Dutch Treat
Dutch Treat is relatively easy to grow indoors, though you’ll need plenty of space to accommodate plants that typically reach up to 5 feet in height. Take things outdoors and you’ll be looking at monstrously-towering specimens, with the potential to produce more generous yields then you’ll know what to do with.

Couple a THC content of up to 30% with a yield as high as 8oz per plant and you’ll be sitting on absolute goldmine.

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