Rainbow Kush takes its name from the beautiful colours it produces and the plant matures. Often referred to simply as Rainbow, it’s a fantastically-balanced 50/50 hybrid that’s perfect for all occasions. Boasting a relatively modest THC content of around 16% and a CBD content of 1%, Rainbow Kush produces a mellow and controllable high that’s great for newcomers and seasoned stoners alike. It’s also a serious producer, often putting out as much as 750g of usable cannabis for every square metre of growing space.

General Characteristics
If we’re being totally honest, Rainbow Kush cultivators and sellers are known to exaggerate with this stuff. More specifically, you’ll often come across pictures of Rainbow Kush that have been enhanced and photoshopped to death. Rainbow Kush can be an incredibly pretty specimen, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t look quite as bold, bright and beautiful in real life.

In any case, Rainbow Kush was engineered by combining Master Kush and Hindu Kush – two legendary kush strains in their own right. There’s also a second version of Rainbow Kush that combines the genetics of Blueberry and Dancehall. Both of which are well worth checking out and have relatively similar characteristics in general. When Rainbow Kush is grown correctly, the plants produce generous and densely-packed buds of multiple colours, which are practically irresistible.

The same can also be said for the fragrance and flavour profile of Rainbow Kush, which bursts with fabulous fresh fruit, sour berries and just the right amount of dank. All of which bursts into life when the buds are broken, even more so when Rainbow Kush is ignited.

Rainbow Kush Effects
As a mild and perfectly-balanced hybrid, Rainbow Kush is for the discerning stoner who doesn’t always want to get well and truly blitzed. Perfect for all times of day and night, Rainbow Kush is ideal for social situations and solo relaxation alike. The immediate sensation is the alleviation of everyday stress, worry and anxiety. All of which is replaced by a feeling of total contentment, optimism and motivation.

Shortly after, Rainbow Kush gets to work on the body with a glorious feeling of gentle relaxation. Not nearly enough to knock you off your feet, but more than enough to send warm singles throughout the body. It’s very difficult to get carried away with the average batch of Rainbow Kush, which is perfect for extended sessions and enjoyable afternoons. Even those with a low THC tolerance will find Rainbow Kush perfect for doing anything or doing nothing at all.

Rainbow Kush Medical Applications
The perfectly-balanced properties of Rainbow Kush make it a versatile strain for therapeutic applications. Medical cannabis patients routinely turn to Rainbow Kush for the alleviation of muscle pains, nausea, anxiety and everyday stress. Despite its relatively modest THC content, Rainbow Kush is nonetheless associated with relatively advanced bouts of the munchies. It’s, therefore, a good strain to try out where poor appetite is an issue.

It’s also been reported that Rainbow Kush can be effective against the symptoms of PTSD, ADHD and general concentration issues.

Growing Rainbow Kush
Home growers interested in cultivating Rainbow Kush will find it a relatively simple strain to contend with. A little experience goes a long way, but it’s nonetheless a forgiving strain that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation alike. The best results come by way of the Sea of Green (SOG) method, but it’s by no means compulsory.

Flowering times average around nine weeks, after which you can expect yields that go as high as 750g for every square metre of grow space. The conditions your plants are exposed to will determine exactly what colours they produce. But in all instances, Rainbow Kush puts on a show you won’t want to miss.

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