It is a very common misconception that stoners are a lazy unenthusiastic bunch. What these people don't know is that there are many strains out there that provide great deals of energy and can help you fight off fatigue. Whether you have a busy day ahead, need to combat those Monday blues or just need that extra push, we have you covered.

Cannabis is enjoyed by all types of people from different walks of life. Sativa strains contain a high content of cannabinoids, and each strain contains varying and different cannabinoids. Anybody who enjoys smoking will tell you they enjoy a good sativa, the cerebral effects are uplifting and energetic, many find motivation from marijuana and find it helps their creative side. Always good for daytime use and medicinal users love it due its pain relief properties.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 strains that will boost energy, productivity and keep you focused and ready to hustle.

Jack Herer

This is a sativa dominant hybrid named after a powerful cannabis activist and famous grower. Jack Herer is a great day time smoke enjoyed in the mornings for a wake and bake, known to have an immediate uplifting high, with a sharp sweet, candy like flavours. It's been described by many consumers as "blissful, clear-headed and creative". A good strain for starting your day, the high is an upbeat and energetic without the anxiety or paranoia.

Jack Herer available here.

Durban Poison

This 100% sativa strain is originally from South Africa and is known as the Espresso of cannabis, possessing a sweet and spicy scent and fruity taste reminiscent of Jack Herer. Known to contain high levels of the energizing cannabinoid THCV, this truly is an uplifting sativa. Whether you are socialising and conversing with friends, hiking, or even getting stuck into a good book or videogame Durban Poison is the strain for you.

Durban Poison available here.

durban poison

Green Crack

Formerly known as 'Cush' this strain was first created on the east coast, since then Green Crack has become more of a west coast staple. Known to have a similar smell to mangoes with a spicy/sweet aroma. Packed with energy and focus, Green Crack's higher potency will leave you with an invigorating cerebral buzz and a happy, energetic, euphoric high. If you need the extra kick in the butt to get active, this is the strain for you.

Green Crack available here.

green crack

Sour Diesel

Also known as Sour D, one of the more widely smoked Sativa dominant hybrid strains. Named after its strong diesel like aroma, its scent is powerful, overwhelming, yet magnetic with hints of lemon. Another strain for a good wake and bake, it will help jump-start your day acting quickly delivering energizing cerebral effects, you'll be ready to go all day. Helps with stress, pain and even depression, making this strain popular among medical patients.

Sour Diesel available here.

sour diesel

Super Silver Haze

Winner of countless awards and a favourite among medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike. Each part of this plant really stands out in its scent, sweet Skunk, floral Haze and even Afghani undertones from the Northern Lights, this combination leaves you a strong spicy flavour. Super Silver Haze is a wonderful sticky sativa blend filled with energetic long-lasting body highs. These great effects are good for high stress levels, lack of appetite and even nausea.

Super Silver Haze available here.

super silver haze

So there we go, our top 5 strains to help get you motivated and ready for the day ahead. Of course not every strain is created equal when it comes to energy boosting, so make sure to keep an eye out for sativa-dominant strains, like the ones that made our list.

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