If you plan on trying your luck with Shishkaberry, you need to plan your day pretty carefully. This is the kind of indica-heavy hybrid that has a habit of taking even the most seasoned stoners by surprise. A former Cannabis Cup winner, Shishkaberry combines the genetics of an unknown Afghani strain with DJ Short Blueberry. Wild and unpredictable in every sense, Shishkaberry has a THC content that varies from 16% up to around 26%. It looks fantastic, tastes incredible and won’t hesitate to blow your head clean off your shoulders.Unsurprisingly, it’s one serious crowd-pleaser.

General Characteristics

As a general rule of thumb, anyone who can handle a decent hit of Shishkaberry is no longer a novice. Most batches tend to hover around the 18% THC mark, but this stuff still packs one serious wallop. Hence, it’s advisable to start out slowly and take things from there. Properly cured, Shishkaberry emits the most fantastic fruity-berry fragrance, with a sugary sweetness that’s simply irresistible. The nugs are elongated in shape and extremely dense, with a thick coating of sticky trichomes and the odd hint of purple here and there.

Break the buds open and the berry notes take a back seat to a rich earthy tone, which translates to an exceptionally indulgent smoke when ignited. Rich, thick and heavy, with the potential to induce coughing fits for the uninitiated.

Shishkaberry Effects

Score yourself a decent batch of Shishkaberry and you’re in for the ride of a lifetime. Almost immediately, Shishkaberry delivers an almost overwhelming head high, which along with a sense of euphoria makes you want to make friends with anyone and everyone in the vicinity. For a short while at least, you’ll have the energy and motivation to get things done…and you probably should.

That’s because give things enough time and the high starts to make its way into the rest of the body. Before you realise it, all motivation and productivity have gone out of the window, and all you want to do is relax. You’ll gradually find yourself edging closer and closer to complete couchlock, after which you’ll be enveloped in a state of dreamy semi consciousness for hours. This makes Shishkaberry one of the best strains going, if you want to have a bit of fun before settling in for one serious night’s sleep.

Shishkaberry Medical Applications

The power and potency of Shishkaberry has made it an exceptionally popular strain among medical cannabis users. Unsurprisingly, its capacity to deal with insomnia and everyday stress is extraordinary. There’s even anecdotal evidence to suggest it can help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and chronic muscle disorders. Again, it’s simply a case of not letting that initial burst of energy lull into a false sense of security. Sooner or later, Shishkaberry is going to put you flat on your back…period.

Growing Shishkaberry

Another notch in this superb strain’s belt is the simplicity with which it can be cultivated. It’s possible to grow Shishkaberry in almost any environment and is one of the most resilient and cooperative strains you’ll ever try your hand with. Yields are almost always generous and a little of the staff has the potential to go a long way. And if that’s not enough, flowering times can be as short as seven weeks, beginning as early as 45 days after planting.

All in all, Shishkaberry is the quintessential ‘rollercoaster’ strain that takes you to dizzying heights, before gradually easing you into a sense of blissful relaxation. An exceptional choice when you’ve little more to do than sit back and soak up the experience.

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