If you’re on the market for a strain that’s intense, trippy and manageable at the same time, you won’t go wrong with Silver Bubble. A modern-day legend in the making, Silver Bubble combines the genetics of three of the most iconic strains of all time - Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk. With this kind of lineage, it’s no real surprise that Silver Bubble has the capacity to take you on a ride you’ll never forget. And if all this wasn’t enough, Silver Bubble is an absolutely delicious strain with a decadent flavour profile you’ll never tire of.

General Characteristics
Mature Silver Bubble plants produce modest-size buds with a dense construction, often with around 17% THC. The fragrance of flowering Silver Bubble is bursting with sour citrus fruits and plenty of spice, which can be difficult to keep under wraps where discretion is a priority. Break the buds open and the citrus fragrance is further intensified, with an almost acrid fuel-like undertone and lots of fresh earth.

When combusted, Silver Bubble buds release a cacophony of complex flavours, with a richness that borders on buttery. Expect a creamy-citrus aftertaste that lingers indefinitely, following a rich, smooth and decadent smoke that rarely induces coughing. The popularity of Silver Bubble in Amsterdam and beyond is attributed as much to its fragrance and flavour profile as to its psychedelic effects.

Silver Bubble Effects
Speaking of which, Silver Bubble is actually considered a relatively mild strain by conventional standards. However, just a few hits is more than enough to send you to an entirely different planet. You can expect an immediate cerebral rush, replacing any negative thoughts or feelings you had with a sense of complete optimism and contentment. This eventually gives way to a deeply relaxing full-body stone, with an overwhelming heaviness that almost inevitably leads to couchlock.

Give things a few hours and Silver Bubble will lull you calmly and blissfully into the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time. All of which makes it an excellent choice for an evening smoke, or any time you’ve nothing to do for a good few hours at least.

Silver Bubble Medical Applications
The versatility of Silver Bubble makes it a great choice for treating a long list of medical conditions. The initial wave of contentment and euphoria is ideal for combating everyday stress and depression, alleviating negative thoughts and replacing them with pure joy. After which, the physically relaxing properties of Silver Bubble are just the ticket for easing aches, pains and stiffness. If you ever have trouble sleeping, a few hits of Silver Bubble at the right time will see you right.

As Silver Bubble is associated with relatively strong psychedelic effects, it may not be a suitable strain for individuals with a low THC tolerance, or anyone prone to anxiety or panic attacks. Nevertheless, most batches have a relatively modest THC content, making Silver Bubble a controllable strain it’s difficult to get too carried away with.

Growing Silver Bubble
Outdoor cultivation is only an option in warm Mediterranean regions where weather conditions are predictable and consistent. Otherwise, you’ll need to bring things indoors. The good news being that Silver Bubble isn’t particularly difficult to grow and tends to produce generous harvests with little intervention required.Flowering times average around nine weeks, so you won’t be waiting too long to reap the rewards of your efforts.

The only slight downside being that Silver Bubble is somewhat susceptible to mould and mildew, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for early signs of moisture-related issues.

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